Things to do in Mali

A Picture of Djenne Mud Mosque in Mali

Plan an impressive trip to the Musée National (museum) in Bamako (Mali’s capital and largest city), which houses the ethnic items including carvings, wooden masks, contemporary figurines, and ancient textiles. Do not miss Djenne (an urban town in Mali), which is famous for mud-cloth (bogolan) and madrassas (Kids’ schools to learn the Qur’an), and the […]

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Czech Republic Tours

Holy Trinity Column at Olomouc, Czech Republic

The beautiful country of Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The country is also a member state of the European Union. The Czech Republic Tours are extremely interesting and adventurous as the country is very beautiful and filled with tourist attraction spots. There are actually thousands of tourist attractions in Czech Republic. […]

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Top Beaches in Asia

Maldives : Villas on piles on water

Asia is a continent that chooses to surprise you at every step with its plentiful natural surroundings. Shoreline lovers searching for a pleasurable experience can expect to have a lot more. Top beaches in Asia like those of Maldives, India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka are favorites among holidaymakers. The sun kissed shores of Asia are […]

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Top beaches in New Jersey

The Garden state, as New Jersey is popularly known as, attributes a lot of their tourists draw to its beaches. The internationally famous shoreline also holds a great appeal among the locals and more specifically the residents of New York and Philadelphia. It has served as a major beach vacation destinations for many coming from […]

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Top Beaches in Hawaii

A beach lover like you must have heard about the mesmerizing Hawaii. Top beaches in Hawaii like Hanalei Bay Beach, Hanauma Bay and Poipu Beach are a delight to come to. Whether a fun trip or just family vacation Hawaiian beaches are one of the favorite choice among the holidaymakers. The islands of Hawaii Island […]

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Top Beaches in Japan

Be it for a romantic break or a leisure trip, a vacation at the beaches always brings with it wonderful experiences. If sun, sand, and the sea hold a special attraction and appeal you then, the world has plenty of opportunities just for you. Be it in Asia, Africa, USA, UK, or Australia, you will […]

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Top Beaches in Australia

Hyams Beach, New South Whales

Popular Beaches in Australia The diverse beauty of the kangaroo nation extends well beyond its flora and fauna and rests upon its beaches. Australia leaves you with several options to make your vacation an exotic one. Indulge into water sports or pamper yourself with a relaxing sunbath, you would never fall short of activities here.  […]

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Top Beaches in Spain

Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world that exudes the romantic charm in all its aspects. Apart from its historic attractions, castles, and heritage towns, the one thing that draws maximum tourist to the country are its beaches. With a stretch of around 8,000 kilometer of coastline, this one truly mesmerizes […]

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Top Beaches in Bali

The island of nature’s wonder in Indonesia, Bali is internationally famous for its beaches. It can be safely said that the beaches in the island nation is the top reason for people planning a vacation there. The island is home to some of the best beaches featuring a wonderful scenic setting. The Indonesian island has […]

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Costa Rica Tours

Costa Rica is officially known as the Republic of Costa Rica. The country is a republic in Central America. Costa Rica has borders with the Caribbean Sea on the east, Nicaragua on the north, Panama on the east-southeast and the Pacific Ocean on the west and south. It is said that the first country in […]

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