Flying off to some exotic destination is a fine way to spend your vacations, but your holidays can sure turn a bit sour if you forget to carry some must-have accessories. Here are some accessories that every traveler would find useful to carry along.

Travel bottles

Travel bottles are an important accessory. They come in handy as you always find water by your side.

Roll-Up Travel Charger

The 4 USB Roll-Up Travel Charger will come in handy as it will ensure that your phone never runs out of battery.

Shoe Bag

This can be highly useful, especially if you are out trekking. It is a convenient accessory to keep your shoes in when you hit the bed at night.

Inflatable Hoodie Pillow

You must carry along this great accessory with you. Here the hood would inflate into a pillow and make your sleep more comfortable.

Portable DVD Player

Do remember to carry a portable DVD player. It would help you fight the boredom.

Some other accessories that would be highly useful could include a micro umbrella, a Portable Power Pack For USB Devices, a foldable iron to make your travel hassle-free.

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