Botswana is the mecca for wildlife lovers. The thrill of driving into game reserves and watching the big cats and rhinos from a close range is peerless. Endowed with the most lucrative diamond sites in the world, this land of Tswana ethnic tribe sustains numerous unblemished natural resources. The pristine wilderness of Chobe National Park and Moremi Game Reserve is a delight for those who have a heart for adventure. The Okavango delta with deciduous woodlands and dry areas of Kalahari are an ideal sanctuary for notoriously large lions, migrating herds of zebras, and water buffaloes.

Botswana, perhaps, has more fearless meerkats and African Bull Elephants than anywhere else in the world. This small country in southern Africa compels you to put on your jungle shoes and hitch a safari wagon to the less explored destinations. From largest salt pans in the world to the easygoing life at the riverside town of Mauna, the country puts a lot on your plate to savor. Spontaneous and welcoming, Botswana is the key to the treasure called Africa.