Egypt Tours

Egypt is a North African country that includes the Sinai Peninsula – a land bridge to Asia. Highly revered worldwide for its ancient civilization and some of the world’s finest monuments, Egypt is a land of antiquities that has much to offer for tourists. Flightshotelstours will provide you with all relevant information on Egypt Tours. 

Regarded as one of the important political and cultural nations of the Middle East, Egypt is home to some of the most magnificent monuments of the yore, including the Giza pyramid and the Great Sphinx. A Tour to Egypt will definitely offer you options galore to witness the glorious heritage of the ancient world, as reflected in these pyramids, statues and other monuments.

Cairo – the capital city is widely regarded as the ‘Mother of the World’ and ranks as the most visited city on Egypt Tours. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is replete with ancient pyramids and monuments, and the charm and significance of these tourist attractions in Egypt is unmatched elsewhere. The magnificent pyramids and enchanting Nile cruises at Cairo on luxurious river boats will simply leave you mesmerized.

Another city that must be include while sightseeing in Egypt is Alexandria, the historic site that evokes memories of the legendary warrior Alexander, the Romans and the ethereally beautiful Cleopatra. The city of Luxor in southern Egypt is a living and open museum, housing several of the Tourist Attractions in Egypt, including the Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings. Some other major sites that must be explored while on Egypt Tours include Aswan, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam, Hurghada, Pyramids of Giza, Lake Nasser, Red Sea, etc.

A Tour to Egypt offers much more than a valuable insight into heritage and antiquities. Egypt is also part of the Holy Land, and Christian and other religious monuments in the country are also popular as tourist sites. Besides, Egypt Tours offer numerous options for recreation like nature and desert treks, scuba diving, golf, fishing and birding tours. 

The beaches along the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts in Egypt are perfect for swimming. Diving and snorkeling are among the most popular water sports in Egypt.