Things to do in Mali

A Picture of Djenne Mud Mosque in Mali
A Picture of Djenne Mud Mosque in Mali

Plan an impressive trip to the Musée National (museum) in Bamako (Mali’s capital and largest city), which houses the ethnic items including carvings, wooden masks, contemporary figurines, and ancient textiles. Do not miss Djenne (an urban town in Mali), which is famous for mud-cloth (bogolan) and madrassas (Kids’ schools to learn the Qur’an), and the stunning House of the Traditional Chief. Other attractive sites for vacationers are Mount Hombori Tondo (at Bandiagara), Diafarabé, and the Kayes Region.

Make your trip memorable by visiting the Port of Mopti (a deck for cargo boats), and the Tomb of Askia (Sudanese architectural-style building). Admire the 18th Century Biton Mamary Coulibaly’s Bambara Empire (situated at Ségou Koro), and the archetypal Sahel-style Misire Mosquée at Mopti (an urban town of Mali). Adore the sunset views at the La Dune Rose or Koima in Gao.


The best restaurants in Bamako offer you the delicious Malian dishes like the poulet au coco and the succulent fresh fruit juices. You can visit the Marché de Medina market to embellish your looks. Various services such as braiding your hair or decorating your hands and feet with ‘henna’ are provided in the market. Brave people can pay a short visit to the Fetish Stalls for viewing some ‘stomach-turning array’ of bones, skins, rotted monkey heads, and dried chameleons.

Due to some health and safety reasons, it is highly recommended to check the travel advisory before planning a trip to Mali.