Beaches in Mauritius

A Landscape from the Exotic tropical island of Mauritius
A Landscape from the Exotic tropical island of Mauritius

Mauritius is a major tourist destination and is abounding with natural beauty; like the deep blue seas and magnificent white-sand beaches. The country is situated towards the southwestern region of the Indian Ocean. Among all the natural charms of the nation, Mauritius beaches are the most significant of all. Tourists find beaches of Mauritius too alluring to resist. Hence, it witnesses millions of visitors from across the globe.

Of the numerous beaches in Mauritius, some of the nicest ones are briefly discussed below. Read through to know more.

Blue Bay:

The moment you reach the bay, you’d know why it is called the ‘Blue Bay’. The name comes from the deep blue color of the sea that it experiences. The color is very prominent and has different shades of blue in various parts. The bay has a beautiful beach open to the public, which is ideal for relaxing and swimming. The bay is not much tapped by the tourists, which is why the Blue Bay beach is pretty sparse on the weekdays, however, on the weekends it gets pretty crowded. 

The bay has a marine park, which is the first and the only of its kind in Mauritius, until now. The reason behind the establishment of the park is the unique and unusual coral gardens that are found in the area. The best way to experience the Marine Park is to take a glass-bottomed boat ride. This way you will be able to see under the water with your visibility extending up to the bottom of the park. After the boat comes to a halt you can choose to snorkel. Snorkeling in this marine park is a wonderful experience and is definitely a must-try.

Belle Mare:
The island has a number of beautiful beaches situated on the eastern coast. Belle Mare happens to be one of the many east coast beaches in Mauritius. It is a white sand beach that is not very long and stretches for about a mile. Given its length, the beach is ideal for activities like walking, jogging and other sports activities.  
The beach has an interesting color combination; the white sand beach meets the turquoise blue lagoon, and the beach, in turn, is surrounded by green grasslands.

If you go for swimming in the sea, be wary as it has strong currents. Try to stay near to the beach and avoid going deep into the water.

Flic en Flac:
Flic en Flac is one of the popular Mauritius beaches, located on the western coast of the country. The beach is about 30 minutes from the Port Louis International Airport, by car. The beach also offers a turquoise blue lagoon which is without strong currents and ideal for swimming.
Flic en Flac is usually very less crowded and calm during the week; however, it is quite the opposite on the weekends.
In case you want to put up near to the beach, then there are numerous hotels around the area. Many of these hotels have provisions for self-cooking and other necessary amenities.

St Félix:
St Félix is one of the important Mauritius beaches, which is situated on the south; in between two towns, namely Soulliac and Belle Omber. The beach has a mesmerizing beauty about it, which needs to be experienced to understand its charm. There is an amazing contrast of colors, as the white sand beach meets the deep blue ocean. St Félix is usually a quiet and calm beach, therefore making it a perfect place to unwind, relax and observe nature closely. There is one major disadvantage of the St Félix beach; it is not very safe for swimming. Firstly, because the corals cover the ground, in which highly toxic aquatic lives can be found; and secondly because the water current is usually quite strong around the region. 

There are other significant Mauritius beaches as well, which include:

  1. Tamarin
  2. Le Morne
  3. La Preneuse
  4. Ilôt Sancho, etc.

If you are planning a visit to Mauritius in the near future, make sure you visit these beaches. The charm about beaches in Mauritius is unique and unlike any other place. These beaches are the biggest tourist attractions of the nation and take you away to a world, very different from what we see every day.