Ile aux Cerfs Island

Île Aux Cerfs (Deer Island)
Île Aux Cerfs (Deer Island)

Ile Aux Cerfs Island situated in Mauritius ranks as one of the major attractions of the island nation. The spectacular island, sprawling over an area of around 100 hectares, is famous for its white sandy beaches. This island is also popularly known for featuring a range of outdoor activities for the tourists. Tours of this island are also quite popular with the tourists. The island is also home to resorts and restaurants. There is also a ferry service from the island to the mainland. This popular Mauritius attraction, best known for its rich natural beauty attracts around 800 visitors per day.

This popular island in Mauritius is more popularly known as the Deer Island. Located on the east coast of Mauritius in the district Flacq, the island is popularly referred to as Paradise Island. The island is also best known for housing some of the best beaches in the world. These beaches on the island are famous for featuring a range of outdoor activities like swimming and snorkeling. You can also opt to spend an entire day at the beach just relaxing under the sun. Touring the island is the best way of discovering the beauty and other activities of the island at its best.

Attractions in Ile Aux Cerfs

The most popular attractions of the island are its white sandy beaches and spectacular lagoons. The resort on the island is also regarded as a major tourist place of interest. The golf course of the island is also a visited spot and especially by sports lovers. While on this, you can plan a dinner at the restaurants offering exotic treat of international cuisines. The island and its beaches featuring a host of amenities and activities attract a significant number of international tourists throughout the year. Snorkeling is the most popular attraction of the beaches of this island. While on a visit to this Mauritian island, you will also get to see the spectacular coral reef featuring marine life. A boat ride from the village Trou d’Eau Douce will take you to the island. The island offering a mix of adventure activities and fun activities appeals to a varied group of tourists.

Touring the Ile Aux Cerfs

If you want to experience the beauty of the island and explore it at its best, then you can opt for a tour package of the island. Various tour companies in the island nation organize for a full-day tour of this beautiful island.  In general, a full-day tour package includes a trip of the island along with a lunch course at the 5-star hotel of the island. The tour package will offer you the opportunity of relaxing at the beach and indulging in some of the water sports activities. You will also get to experience the rich natural beauty of the island, as you will be transported to the island and back to the shore in a motorboat. A tour package of the island also offers you the opportunity to choose your meal at any of the beach restaurants. You will surely find a restaurant matching your taste buds; you can also try the local cuisine of the island. Opting for a tour of this island will also offer you the opportunity of indulging in water sports activities like swimming, water skiing, and snorkeling.

Some of the tour packages also provide a range of tour options to the visitors. You can choose your own tour package and set towards experiencing Ile Aux Cerfs Island. You can opt to travel to the island from the mainland either on a yacht, speedboat, or catamaran. Some of the tour companies also organize customized luxury tours based on your preferences. These customized tours include private catamaran trips, helicopter flight trips, and yacht cruises.

Here is a list of some of the tour packages of Ile Aux Cerfs Island offered by various tour companies in the island nation –

  • Full day trip to Ile Aux Cerfs on a pirate boat
  • Full day trip to Ile Aux Cerfs by catamaran
  • Full day trip to Ile Aux Cerfs by minibus and speed boat
  • Half-day trip to Ile Aux Cerfs by taxi and speed boat
  • Luxury speed boat trip to Ile aux Cerfs
  • Private full-day trip to Ile Aux Cerfs by taxi and speed boat