Famous Palaces in India

Home to a whole lot of regal palaces and enchanting cultures that lasted for centuries, India is home to some of the finest palaces and forts. Studded all around the country, these Famous Palaces in India are witness to the rise and fall of many dynasties and everlasting love stories. Considered as some of the finest specimens of architecture, these forts were used by ancient rulers during war and conflicts. The palaces, on the other hand, have a more pleasant history.

Known for their grand balconies and smart interior decoration, Famous Palaces in India have been a major tourist attraction since time immemorial. In fact many of the Famous Palaces in India were built by such rulers like Babar who were originally foreigners. But the beauty of the virgin land and the tranquil natural beauty of India left them mesmerized. Many kings maintained a huge royal family with many wives and begums. Marriage then was one of the most famous methods of acquiring lands from another king. The kings instead maintained separate palaces for their queens in different corners of the country. If you have that keen ear you may easily overhear the winds detailing many such legendary tales of pain and love embedded in the walls of the Famous Palaces in India.

The palaces of Rajasthan especially have a regal structure with grand courtyards and unique hanging balconies. Once trodden by the queens and royal women, today most of these Famous Palaces in India are famous tourist spots. Some have also been taken up by the tourism ministry and remodeled as museums. There are still others, which have been transformed into hotels. Some of the most famous Palaces in India are City Palace, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Vijaymandir Palace, Utelia Place, Lothal Place, Nilambagh Place, Orchha Palace, Orchha Sundermahal and Ahhichatragarfort Palace.

As a visitor to the country, it is imperative that you visit these palaces. Studded with pictures of the royal incumbents, many of them also preserved the royal garments and utensils along with their furniture. Travel back in time as the travel guide allows you to take a sneak peek at an era when life was different. With elephants and horses considered as the royal mode of travel, most of the Famous Palaces in India maintained a separate place as the stable for the animals. Today these areas are used as car parking for the tourists.

Most of these Famous Palaces in India also maintained huge space for lawns and gardens. Since the Mughals came to India from the distant lands of the Hindukush region, they often took extra care to plant and preserve flowers and plants from their area, in these gardens. Besides, the Rajputs, the Mughals and the Chola rulers in south India were known to be lovers of flowers and gardens. Hence most Famous Palaces in India have always had beautiful gardens attached to them.