Forts & Palaces in Delhi

There are thousands and thousands of tourist attractions in the beautiful country of India and among them, Famous Palaces in India form a very core part. In many states of the country of India, there are a number of palaces hat were built by royal families that once ruled various regions in the country of India. The tourists come mainly to visit these palaces, along with the other several tourist attractions in the country of India. Domestic as well as international tourists visit these palaces. Forts & Palaces in Delhi form an integral part of the total structure or the entire framework of forts and palaces in the country of India. Delhi is the capital of the country of India and Delhi Forts & Palaces are the best tourist attractions in the state of Delhi and they are the pride of the nation.

The Forts & Palaces in Delhi portrays the rich cultural heritage and legacy of the country of India. All the Forts & Palaces in Delhi are spectacular specimens of architecture and rare example of magnificent craftsmanship. The size of these forts and palaces in the state of Delhi are colossal and the architecture is equally brilliant. The winter season is the best time to visit these beautiful palaces and forts. The location of these Forts & Palaces in Delhi among lush greenery makes them all the more attractive and exquisite. The primary Forts & Palaces in Delhi are the Red Fort, the Old Fort and the Tughlaqabad Fort. These were build during the Mughal rule in India, by the Mughal emperors. The artistic and architectural beauty of these palaces and forts are treats for the eye.

The Red Fort is the most attractive and splendid fort, not only in Delhi, but in all over the country of India. Built during the reigns of the Mughal emperor Shahjahan, this wonderful specimen of art is undoubtedly one of the best, very close to the Taj Mahal in its architectural uniqueness. Shahjahan shifted his capital to Delhi’s royal quarters, and the Red Fort sprouted from the city known as Shahjahanabad. In the year 1639, the construction work for this fort started and almost nine years were required to complete the whole project. The Red Fort has become the symbol of India’s pride since its construction in the Mughal period.

Built of red sandstone, it is truly a great work of art. Visitors and travelers who come to the city of Delhi make it sure that they visit the Red Fort. The Grand Old Fort is another fort which is one of the major tourist attractions in the country of India, and especially in Delhi, the capital state of India. The Old Fort was ruled by two great emperors, Mughal emperor Humayun and Sher Shah, the Afghan ruler. A rich history and past is associated with this fort. Tughlaqabad Fort is another fort which is a sure visit for the travelers and tourists who come to the city of Delhi. All these Forts & Palaces in Delhi have been witness to a number of incidents that has become a part of history now.