Palaces in Gujarat

Home to such grand palaces like Nazar Bagh Palace, Kusum Vilas Palace and Lakhota Fort Gujarat has always attracted a lot of tourists. Flanked by the Arabian sea in the south and covered by the dry land of Rajasthan in the north, Gujarat is known for its age old culture and rich history. According to legend, the land of Gujarat and its coastal plains were used by the people of Harappan civilization. With a history that stretches back to such an old era, Gujarat will surely impress you with its arid beauty and wonderful delicacies.

Home to royalties and such religious figures like lord Krishna Gujarat has a charm of its own. Do not forget to contact the travel desk before you undertake any tour around the wonderful land of Gujarat. Most of the Palaces in Gujarat are also quite close to some of the finest shopping grounds. Beginning from ethnic dresses to saris and garments with intricate ari work Gujarat shall give you all and more. Enjoy a wonderful time in the Palaces in Gujarat as you travel back in time. Most of the Palaces in Gujarat have been transformed into gallant museums, that preserve the memory of a bygone era. Here the travel guide will tell you much about their lifestyle. The popular trend of marrying more than one woman was quite popular among the rulers of Gujarat.

A visit to Pawagadh Fort, Uparkot fort and Dabhoi fort will tell you about the special preparations that the kings adopted to combat wars and conflicts. It is believed that most of the forts of Gujarat were connected to the nearest port of Surat via underground secret pathways. Excavations are still on to find out more about such civilizations like that of Harappa and Mahenjodaro. Enjoy a great time in participating in this grand celebration. Rich with vibrant colors and supreme aestheticism the handicrafts and art work of Gujarat have an intrinsic beauty of their own. Do not forget to collect a few souvenirs and collectibles from the local shops of Gujarat. Bangles and ethnic jewelry are also sold near the Palaces in Gujarat by local vendors. In case you are fond of tattoos try decorating your hands and feet with intricate designs of henna. Unlike tattoo they are absolute painless and safe.

Palaces in Gujarat have a typical structure of their own. Archaeologists and experts in architecture are sure of the influence of the Arabs in the palatial constructions of Gujarat. For Palaces in Gujarat seem to be inspired by both the Hindu architectures of Rajasthan as well as the Mohammedan architecture of the Mughals. Conglomerating the best of both the worlds, the Palaces in Gujarat offer artistic beauty and tourist delight to all. Influence of Jainism is also obvious in most of the temples and Palaces in Gujarat. Most Jain temples maintain carved figures sculptured with diligence within the temple. Instead of the walls such sculptures are more common on the ceilings and pillars of the temple. Many later v adopted this new style as a part of interior décor.