Palaces in Rajasthan

Palaces in Rajasthan are a major tourist attraction. India has a lot of tourist attractions. This is natural as the country has a rich historical heritage. The country was ruled by Maharajahs, and Nawabs in the past. In addition to this, there are a large number of buildings belonging to the Portuguese, the French, and the Dutch, the local Hindu rulers also devoted themselves to building huge palaces and temples.

The Palaces in Rajasthan are famous all over India. The local rulers had magnificent palaces or havelis, built in their honor. The havelis were not places but huge mansions, somewhat similar to the French chateaus.

Some of the famous palaces in Rajasthan are the Lake Palace in Jaipur, the City Palace in Udaipur, the Vinay Vilas Mahal at Alwar, the Palace of Padmini at Chittorgarh, the Taragarh Palace at Bundi, the Lalgarh Palace at Bikaner, the Umaid Bhavan Palace at Jodhpur, the Jag Nivas Palace at Udaipur, and the Patwon Ki Haveli that is to be found in Jaisalmer, to name just a few of them.

Quite a few of the Palaces in Rajasthan have been converted into heritage hotels. These hotels offer a luxury stay to the guests. The services offered by these heritage hotels will match some of the best international hotels. The food offered by these heritage hotels is world class, and at the same time guests are allowed to sample sample of the best examples of Rajasthani delicacies, including a mouthwatering collection of sweets. Some of these heritage hotels also arrange for cultural shows for the guests, and showcase some of the best of the regional culture.

The Lake Palace in Udaipur is to be found in the center of the Pichola Sarovar, it is located on the island called Jag Nivas Island. The palace was built way back in the year 1743, by the local ruler, Maharana Jagat Singh. The original intent of this palace was to serve as the summer resort of the Maharana. It has now been converted into a luxurious five star hotel.

The Lake Palace has eighty three rooms on offer for its guests. The décor and construction of the hotel has an old world charm, and reminds guests of the opulence of the Maharajahs. The Umaid Bhavan palace in Jodhpur, was built by the local ruler the Maharajah Umaid Singhji. The Palace was designed by the European architect, Henry Vaughan Lanchester. This palace ranked among one of the largest private residences of the world. The palace has been constructed with a specially durable type of sandstone. This palace, like many others, have been converted into a luxury hotel as well as museum. It is a major tourist attraction.

Padmini’s Palace at Chittorgarh, is another major attraction as far as the palaces in Rajasthan. The queen was famous for her legendary beauty. This palace is famous for the legend of Queen Padmini. This Rajasthani Queen had huge battles fought for her, and finally immolated herself to prevent the Mughal ruler Allaud din Khilji from laying hands on her. Thousands of tourists visit this palace every year, the legend of Padmidni continues to enthrall millions. This palace stands as an epitome of the concept of Rajput honor, and the indomitable spirit of the Rajputs, men as well as women.