Batubulan Bali Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

One of the best Indonesia attractions – Batubulan is a small village in Indonesia. It is famous for its stone carvings of demons and gods; it has served as one of the main reasons to attract tourists to the country. If you are planning to travel to Indonesia, you can visit the workshop where these stone carvings are made. Over the years, this small village has transformed gradually into a town.

Stone carvings – a specialty of this place Indonesia attractions- Batubulan forms a part of artistic areas of Ubud and Gianyar. Balinese Hinduism is reflected in the work of art. Batubulan is also well known for its dance forms. And 2 dance forms that have greatly appealed to the travelers include –

  • Kecak dance
  • Barong Kris

Dance forms – Kecak and Barong
These dance performances are organized daily. There is a big pavilion where the dance performances are held. It is known as Bale Banjar. Interestingly, the stage can accommodate as many as 600 dancers in one performance.

The stage is in the center and there is enough space for the onlookers who gather around the stage surrounding it. There are seated arrangements at the dance performing site.

ASPRANANTA is the name of the association which comprises dancers as well as performers. This association ensures that there is fair play and none of the tourists are charged extra for the show etc. as such they have set the price of the ticket as Rp 50. The association basically governs the activities of the dancers and the performers.

Dance performances are accompanied by Gamelan and xylophones. Gamelan is the traditional musical instrument of Bali. The dance performances are organized on 5 stages which are present at 5 different holy locations within these well known Indonesia attractions – Batubulan.

Other activities in Batubulan
In addition to exploring the stone carvings and watching traditional dances in Batubulan, there are various other activities in which you can participate. The village has several small markets which you can take a look at.

Some of the products that you can lay your hands upon include small stone carvings as souvenir, local spices, food items, paintings, and wood carvings. Small souvenir depicting the traditional Balinese dance performances can be bought too.

Hotels in Bali
There are many hotels in Bali. Ranging from luxury hotels to economy and budget hotels, you can choose one that will be easy on your pockets. If you want to explore the rest of Bali and visit the interesting places around, you can ask the hotel to organize a trip for the same. You can also set off for sightseeing on your own. In that case, find out from the hotel which places are worth watching.

Best way to visit one of the best Indonesia attractions – Batubulan is to see it while you are touring other places in Bali which may include the following

  • Ubud village
  • Kintamani
  • Ubud Rafting
  • Besakih Temple etc

Other places to visit in Bali in addition to Batubulan are as follows –
Tamblingan LakeLovina BeachGitgit WaterfallBanjar Hot WaterMenjangan IslandCandi Dasa BeachPulaki Temple etc