Indonesia Tourist Attractions

Borobudur, Indonesia
A shrine to Buddha and a popular destination for Buddhist pilgrimages, Borobudur is a monument made up of a stepped pyramid topped with stupas and about 500 statues of Buddha.

A group of lush green specks amidst the boundless blue of the ocean in Southeast Asia- Indonesia is the home of colorful native costumes and diverse heritage. Want to have a taste of Asia’s vivid colors, then do visit this amazing archipelagic nation; and the Indonesia Tourist Attractions will definitely set all your senses gyrating with excitement every second of your vacation.

Each of the many islands of this country is a potpourri of Indonesia Tourist Attractions. So, to unravel the true color of each of them, kick off your Indonesia Tours by venturing out to the islands like:

Bali– replete with spectacular sun-drenched beaches, lush forests and lofty mountains interspersed with stretches of green vales, Bali is a tropical paradise in reality. The southern beaches are the main areas, where the popular Tourist Spots in Indonesia are concentrated. The hospitality of the friendly locals and their colorful ceremonial life are simply amazing to know of. The Mother’s Temple, locally known as Pura Besakih is one of the most famous Indonesian Tourist Attractions. While touring here, do pick up some of Bali’s distinctive crafts like gold and silver craft, miniature paintings, temple umbrellas, woodcarvings, masks, and handmade quilts.
Batubulan Bali is also a wonderful place Banda Islands aka the ‘Spice Islands‘ is an archipelago of eight islands, of which some are volcanic in nature. This place is a real trump card popular for the Indonesia Travel and Tourism industry, as it is the ultimate destination for fishing, diving, and snorkeling, with the waters of the coral reefs teeming with underwater life.

Irian Jaya– Once known for the villages in the Baliem Valley, this place in the island of new Guinea is home to the aboriginals who were unknown to the outside world until the recent 19th century.

Nusa Dua-Nusa Dua literally means Two Island. There is a peninsula that is present on the southern extreme of Bali Island. Nusa Dua is the name of this peninsula. All along the stretch of Nusa Dua, you will find luxury resorts and hotels along with several high-end commercial centers.

Lombok– Looked up to as one of the most resplendent Tourist Spots in Indonesia, this island abounds plenty of temples and is known for its local handicrafts such as rattan baskets and woven fabrics. Do visit the beautiful locales like:

  • Senggigi Beach
  • The Gunung Rinjani abounding hot springs and an active volcano
  • Desert Point
  • Gili Islands

Sumatra– This is a place which never let you ponder for a moment what are Things To Do in Indonesia. with volcanoes, lakes and dense rainforests, this island follows Bali in close heels as far as scenic beauty is concerned. Do visit the interesting places here like:

  • Lake Toba, the volcanic lake
  • Medan and Bukittinggi

Yogakarta– Get yourself introduced to the art of ‘wayang kulit’, , Indonesia’s famous leather puppetry shows in this capital of Java.

A few more Attractive Places in Indonesia include:

  • Anyer Beaches
  • Baliem Valley
  • Bintan Islands
  • Borobudur – famous for the biggest Buddhist temple in Indonesia.
  • Bunaken
  • Mount Bromo