Israel Tours

Israel is a fascinating country in Southwest Asia, located on the southeast periphery of the Mediterranean Sea. Home to a populace of about 7.2 million, of which the majority are Jews, Israel is the only Jewish state in the world. The tourism industry in Israel is quite thriving, especially religious tourism, and the moderate climate, beaches, historical and archaeological sites, and unique topography lure numerous tourists to embark on Israel Tours.

The earliest history of the country as recorded from the Bible’s Old Testament mentions that Moses helped the Israelis to flee from Egypt and settle in Palestine. The land where Jesus Christ – the savior of mankind was born, Israel occupies a special place in the hearts of Christ’s followers worldwide but is also frequented on Israel Tours by tourists from all corners of the globe irrespective of caste and creed.

Israel is a highly revered pilgrimage destination for Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Understandably, followers of these faiths embark on Israel Tours from time to time all through the year. Tourism in Israel thrives largely on the pilgrimage sites at the northern city of Nazareth in Israel.

Most of the tourist attractions in Israel are concentrated in and around the city of Nazareth, considered to be the town where Jesus Christ grew up. Perched amid the hills of central Galilee, Nazareth lies within an hour’s drive to the east of Haifa city. Today the city boasts of a large populace comprising of Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

Some of the religious sites in Nazareth that must be visited while on a tour to Israel include:

Synagogue Church, Nazareth – Believed to be the Synagogue which Jesus used to visit as a child, Synagogue Church is located in the old market of Nazareth. The church also marks the place where Jesus delivered his first sermon.

The Church of Annunciation, Nazareth: Located at the Casa Nove Street in Nazareth, this church is one of the most-visited churches on Israel Tours. There’s a popular belief among Christians that the church was built over the remains of the house where Virgin Mary – Christ’s mother stayed.

Grotto of the Annunciation, Nazareth – The Bible mentions that the Grotto venerates the event when Gabriel – the chief Angel of God, predicted that Virgin Mary would give birth to Jesus Christ. The earliest pilgrimage site in Israel, the Grotto was erected on the site of the Byzantine and Crusader Churches.

Some of the other sites worth visit while on Israel Tours are Cana, Nazareth, St. Gabriel’s Church, Nazareth and Mary’s Well, Nazareth.