Top Beaches in Japan

Be it for a romantic break or a leisure trip, a vacation at the beaches always brings with it wonderful experiences. If sun, sand, and the sea hold a special attraction and appeal you then, the world has plenty of opportunities just for you. Be it in Asia, Africa, USA, UK, or Australia, you will never face a dearth in choosing the best island to visit. If you are in Japan or planning to visit the country sometime soon, one thing you must not miss are its beaches. Though, the island nation is not primarily known for its coastline, yet these features a great attraction among both the international and domestic travelers. Most of the beaches in the island nation feature a dark volcanic water and sand in its areas. The top beaches in Japan boasts of offering the tourists with opportunities of indulging in water sport activities along with a nice relaxing secluded spot.

Popular Beaches in Japan

The beaches in Japan hold great interest and appeal for the young and the old, water sport enthusiast and people in search of a secluded retreat. Be it the domestic travelers or international tourists coming to the island nation, the bleachers are a must visit for all. 

Here is a look at the Top beaches in Japan that can truly offer you a best vacation experience.

Shirahama Beach

Located at a distance from the capital city Tokyo, the Shirahama can be reached via a long train ride or a car ride. This Japan beach is known for featuring clear water and white sands setting a perfect backdrop of romance. Truly enticing and attracting, you can here indulge in plenty of water sports activities. The place of interest though generates maximum interest among tourists, yet even offers the tourists with nice secluded spots of relaxation. This beach known for its clear water is also known for offering the diving enthusiasts with excellent opportunities. This is considered one of the best diving spots in the nation.

Kamakura Beach

One of the best beaches in Japan, the Kamakura is located at a close distance to Tokyo. Calm and pristine, this one offers the tourist endless opportunities of diving into the fun. You can plan to spend an entire day just lazing around the beach side or go for shopping and dining at one of the many shops and restaurants located in the sand stretch.

Zushi Beach

The Zushi beach is primarily known for its activities and events that make it one of the most happening in the nation. If you are looking forward to a day-trip at the beaches then, this is the best spot for you. Reflecting a lot about the Japanese beach culture, this one holds maximum appeal among the international tourists.

Chiba Beach

Another popular beach in Japan, Chiba, holds great interest among the domestic as well as international tourists. White sands and clear blue water makes it an ideal spot to spend the entire day under the shades of Palm trees. Though this part of the island nation can get crowded, yet it never fails to offer you a secluded retreat of romance.

Shikinejima Island

Located at a distance off the Tokyo coastline, the Shikinejima Island is truly a nature’s wonderland. Though it does not boast of traditional beaches, yet it offers many other features that hold great appeal among the tourists. Home to some of the great landscapes, this region of the nation offers plenty of photographic opportunities. An overnight boat trip will take you to the island; you can also plan a day trip to the island by jet boat.