Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


Jordan is officially known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The picturesque Jordan is a country in the Arab World in western Asia. The country shares borders with Saudi Arabia on the east and south, Syria on the north, Israel and the West Bank on the west and Iraq on the north-east. The Jordan Tours are quite interesting and exciting as the country is the perfect place for a long and enjoyable vacation. Every year thousands of tourists from each and every corner of the world visit this beautiful country. The ancient culture and history of Jordan entice the West. If you have a thing or two for history and architecture, Jordan Tours should top your list of itineraries.

Tourism plays a vital role in the Jordanian economy. The tourism industry contributed 12 percent to the country’s Gross National Product in the year 2006. The convenient location of Jordan makes it a favorite and attractive tourist destination. There are numerous tourist attractions in Jordan. Jordan possesses a number of unique desert castles, ancient places, and unspoiled natural locations. The major tourist attraction spots in the country include Petra in Ma’an, Al-Omwia’s Palace, The Dead Sea, Aqaba, Umm Qais, Wadi Rum, Ajlun, Amman, Al Karak, The Madaba Map, The River Jordan, Mount Nebo, Mahis, Jerash and Fuheis.

The music in the country is strongly influenced by Bedouin. The Rural Cajal songs with improvised poetry are quite famous in this country. The songs are played and accompanied by a rabab and reed pipe. The major sports played in Jordan include football, basketball, and darts. Then the cuisine of Jordan is the Arab Cuisine. So now you realize that the Jordan Tours are exciting and if you want to be a part of all these things, then immediately travel to Jordan to explore the country. So go ahead and make your tours to Jordan a memorable one. Jordan is definitely the perfect place for you to unwind your mind and body.