Baalbeck Lebanon Attractions

Attractions in Baalbeck:
One of greatest and the most popular treasures of the Lebanon attractions – Baalbeck is a place of interest. It is one of the ancient wonders in the world. Roman temples that exist in Lebanon are one of the best and the priced possessions from the ancient history of Lebanon.

The historical sites and monuments in Baalbeck are the portrayal of the powerful Roman Empire that ever existed in the history of Lebanon. The history of Baalbeck is replete with the images and significances of Jupiter, venus, mercury, etc. It is a place where the roman gods existed and worshipped. Other attractions in Baalbeck are the Temples that exist in Baalbeck showcase the unusual roman design and culture.

The unfortunate part in the Lebanon attractions – Baalbeck has been the theft, war, earthquake and various other losses that the ancient monuments in Baalbeck have suffered since medieval period. But the ancient monuments are rich enough to stay the test of time and have been attracting many tourists over the years now. Contribution of the german, Lebanese and French archelogists in this regard can not be ignored.

Churches in Baalbeck:
Baalbeck has a good deal of Christian presence. Churches in Baalbeck are worth visiting. One of the famous churches in Baalbeck is that of Saint Barbara who has a patron saint of Baalbeck.

Baalbeck’s Roman Colonnade:
Baalbeck’s roman colonnade lies in the south of acropolis. It is visible from the southern end of acropolis. Beyond the Double colonnade there exists a very huge area of very ancient foundations. Archaeologist are still excavating and exploring the area.

The Temple of Venus:
The temple of Venus in Baalbeck is located at the back of an archeological area just outside of the acropolis area. Temple of Venus is well known for its beauty, richness, grandeur and historical past. It is small but attractive enough to draw tourists. It is believed that the temple of Venus was completed in the 3rd century AD. Its beauty can be made out from the fact that it is a temple believed to have decorated with sea shells, pigeons and the symbols of the famous Goddesses of Venus.

Venus is Goddesses of love, beauty and fertility. It is argued that the temple might be originally dedicated to the Fortuna and not Venus. However, such arguments do not bog down the beauty of the temple or deteriorate its praiseworthy aspects. It is believed that the temple was converted as into a church in Byzantine period.

Baalbeck town life attractions:
Baalbeck town life attractions include Baalbeck international festival. Baalbeck international festival takes place in the summers. Apart from that, the beautiful ottoman buildings are attractive. Hotels in Baalbeck serve shawarma and other delicious local eateries and dishes.

The town life including the night life and parts of town in Baalbeck are interesting for many tourists who visit Baalbeck for the first time. There are not many but a few hotels for the tourists who wish to do an overnight stay in Baalbeck. Sunset is one of the major Lebanon attractions – Baalbeck.

How to reach Baalbeck:
Baalbeck is located between the Mediterranean coast and the Syrian interior. The other historic trade route where Baalbeck is located is between northern Syria and northern Palestine. It is located 85 kilometers away from Beirut. Baalbeck is a major, important and very eminent economic and administrative center in the Beqaa valley.

From Beirut, Baalbeck is about 1 hour 45 minutes. You will get to see Beqaa valley and Lebanon Mountains. Frequent tour buses, private cars, taxis or service taxis. Service taxis are a cheap option whereas private cars are a luxury.