Bacharre Lebanon Attractions

Lebanon attractions – Bacharre consists of adventurous valleys, caves, creative art, churches, etc. Bacharre in Lebanon offers diversity to the tourists. Walking through the dark caves and wandering through the extremely beautiful valleys should be altogether a new experience for them.

Qadisha valley:
Qadisha valley in Bacharre is also known as Kadisha valley. It is situated in the Zgharta district of Lebanon’s north governorate. In Aramaic Qadisha means “holy”. Hence Qadisha valley is also called Holy valley. Qadisha valley has been well known for giving shelter to the Christian monastic communities. Located in the mount al-makmal is accompanied by Holy river called Nahr Qadisha. There are many caves on the sides of the valley.
The Qadisha valley is one of the most popular and product of ancient period. It is a popular tourist destination in Bacharre. It is located near the forest of the Cedars of God.

Situated in the Bsharri district, Hadchit is a popular ancient Phoenician settlement in Lebanon’s North Governorate. Hadchit is also known as Hadshit or Hadchite. It is located in the Qadisha valley.
Tyre was its political center in the ancient period. Natives in the then Byzantine government were required to find employment in the military.

Cedars of God:
They are the last to survive from the cedars of Lebanon. Cedars of Lebanon ran across the Mount Lebanon in history. Babylonians, Persians, Phoenicians and Assyrians exploited their timber. But the wood was of extreme importance in the past as the Egyptians used the woods for shipbuilding. The Solomon in the past used those woods for the purpose of construction of the famous first temple in Jerusalem. Railroad system in the past was built by Ottoman Empire in the past with the use of these cedars. It is said that the cedar forests started disappearing somewhere in the 6th century AD.

Now the forest is protected and the tourists tour the forests but along with an authorized guide. Security of these forests is a big concern for the Lebanon government as it is one of the popular Lebanon attractions – Bacharre.

Gibran museum:
Also known as the Monastery of Mar Sarkis it is a famous museum in Bsharri. It is situated 120 kilometers from Beirut. Founded in 1935, Gibran museum is dedicated to the old Lebanese artist, philosopher and writer Khalil Gibran.
Museum has over 400 original painting and drawings of the artist. Gibran National committee expanded the monastery in 1995.

Qadisha caves:
Qadisha caves rank among the popular attractions in Bacharre. Caves and natural shelters in the Qadisha valley are used for the purpose of burials. The Qadisha mummies were discovered by the speleologists in 1991. Qadisha mummies were found in the Asi-al Hadath cave. Some of the ancient monastic communities in Qadisha valley are listed below:
The Qannubin monasteryThe monastery of Mar GirgisThe monastery of Mar LishaaThe monastery of Mar YuhannaThe monastery of Mar AbunThe monastery of Mart MouraThe monastery of Mar SarkisThe monastery of our lady of HawqaThe monastery of St. Anthony of Qozhaya

Accommodations in Bacharre: There are various accommodations in Bacharre. Few accommodations may not be available in Bacharre but are located around or somewhere nearby Bacharre. Few of those accommodations are listed below –
Le Cedrus Suites HotelTony Arida CenterChbat hotelGreen HotelCortinaLaiglon hotel (near kadisha cave)