Beirut Lebanon Attractions

Lebanon attractions – Beirut includes many places that tourists can consider while they are on a journey to the most enchanting and attractive tourist place in the entire world. Though, political problems in Lebanon bogged down a large number of tourists. But it was a big tourist center like Lebanon that rejuvenated the same magic of effective tourism industry and set out the fact that it is still a primary choice for many when it comes to the selection of tourist destinations.

The growing tourism fetches a lot of money for Lebanon’s Ministry of tourism. With this growth in the Lebanon tourism industry more and more tourists are expected every year.

Lebanon’s ministry of tourism promotes festivals like Baalbeck International festival, Batroun festival, Beiteddine International Festival, Byblos International Festival. These festivals are added to Lebanon attractions.

Beirut tourism:

Beirut is the capital city as well as the largest city of Lebanon. It is one of the essential tourist hubs for tourists from all over the world. Beirut is the main seaport of Lebanon. Members in tourism are increasing in Beirut. Tourists in Beirut are from European countries, Arabian countries and from other western countries. Tourists in Beirut are breaking the records of the number of tourists coming to this place almost every year.

Churches, mosques, exhibitions, art galleries, concerts, cafes, restaurants, pubs, romantic spots, night life, etc are various reasons why tourists want to visit Beirut at least once in their life time.

Churches of Harissa – It is a prominent church pilgrimage site in Lebanon. It is located 20 kilometers from Beirut. Not only the pilgrims but also the tourists visit this place. They enjoy the views of Jounieh. Our lady of Lebanon is the main site of the churches of Harissa. The statue of Virgin Mary is a famous statue on the church top. It was completed in 1908.
The other names to be mentioned are Bryzantine style, Melkite Greek, Catholic Bascilica of St. Paul, Apostolic Nunciature, eastern catholic churches, etc.

Jeita Grotto Tripoli – Jeita Grotto is known for its natural appearance. It was closed but on the initiative of ministry of tourism it was reopened. It is a popular attraction in Tripoli and a natural wonder.

Al-Omari Mosque – It is one of the most popular attractions of Beirut and an ancient site for tourists. It is there since the 13th century. The church was of St. John originally and was constructed by the crusaders in past. Tourists find this spot beautiful, attractive and memorable.

Other tourist attractions in Beirut are:

Beit ed-Dine Palace, Beirutouneih BayJeita Grotto, BeirutTemples of BaalbekThe Greek-Catholic Cathedral of Saint Elias, BeirutThe Evangelical Church, BeirutAnjar, BeirutBirthplace of Gibran, BeirutSidon, BeirutThe Greek-Catholic Cathedral of Saint Elias, BeirutHamra Street, BeirutThe Greek-Orthodox Cathedral of Saint George, BeirutCharle de Gaulle Residence, Beirut

Beirut Architecture:

All the small and the big buildings in Beirut reflect the richness and grandeur of Beirut architecture. Variety of language, regional, language and nationality is reflected from the unusual art that the Beirut architecture displays. They are a good reason for attracting millions of tourists in Beirut every year

Beirut Diversity:

In Lebanon, it is believed to be a city which is more flexible and diverse in religion. Alongside religion, one can see a wide range of diversity in language and lifestyle in Beirut.

It is the Beirut diversity that the churches and the mosques can be found standing side by side. The art and culture draw many tourists Irrespective of religious buildings. Such is the power of Beirut Diversity.

Beirut night life:

Beirut night life is full of enthusiasm and excitement. Beirut is a city that never sleeps. Restaurants, pubs, cafes seem to start their life after the sun sets down. This makes Beirut night life a night worth being part of.
Starting from candle lights to dance floors, Beirut night life has everything that a tourist who has a fetish for a turn on night life would want.

Beirut art and creativity:

Beirut art and creativity is praiseworthy. Tourists who acclaim art and go hunting miles for creativity will find Beirut as their ultimate destination. Beirut art and creativity suffices the tourists who are famished for art, culture and creativity. Art galleries, beautiful exhibitions, attractive concerts and festivals are major Lebanon attractions – Beirut.