Chinatown Singapore

Singapore is a bubbling and colorful country. From Nightlife to cuisines, every moment you spend here is full of fun and enjoyment. The country leaves its visitors with no idle moment. One of the most preferred destinations for the wayfarers in Singapore is Chinatown. This traditional Chinese quarter is situated in the Outram district of Singapore. While all the town and cities of Singapore have underwent modernization, the town subsists with its own elegance. 

This town of Singapore is known as Niu che shui in Chinese and in Malay, it is known as Kreta Ayer. Both the terms mean the same -“bullock cart water”. There are ample places to visit in Chinatown Singapore. Apart from sightseeing, you can also enjoy shopping, food and spa here.

Streets in Chinatown Singapore

The town has a network of cobbled streets, each one boasting its magnificence and heritage look. The streets of the town have many tourist attractions nearby. The names of the streets too, are derived from mythical stories or places of interests located near them. Following are few streets of this town:

  • Temple Street (previously known as Almeida Street)
  • Mosque Street
  • Pagoda Street
  • Sago Lane
  • Sago Street
  • Smith Street
  • Trengganu Street

Tourist Attractions in Chinatown

This amazing town has plenty of attractions to offer. The captivating splendor of the town lies in every nook and corner. From the Buddha miniature statues to preserved seahorses, the small shops of shophouses in this town sell every unique item

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
Timings:9 AM-6:30 PM. 
As the name suggests, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple authorities is said to have preserved Buddha Shakyamuni’s teeth and has exhibited it on the fourth floor of this temple. Established in 2007, the temple is located in the southern part of the town. It has four stories and a magnificent main hall. The roof of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple features Pagoda of 10,000 Buddha figurines. The main hall also has a 27 ft. figurine of Maitreya Buddha.

Chinatown Heritage Centre
Timings:9 AM-8 PM (daily)
Heritage Centre of this town has a spectacular museum, which tells the story of the town’s origin and the adversity faced by the early migrants of Chinatown.

Jamae Mosque
Jamae Mosque is one of the most ancient mosques with excellent architectural concepts. The community of Tamil Muslims constructed the Indo-styled mosque in 1830s.

Pinnacle@Duxton Skybridge
Timings:9 AM-10 PM (daily) 
The loftiest housing project of Singapore gives some ‘from the top’ views from its 50th floor.

Red Dot Design Museum
Timings:Fri-Tue 11 AM-6 PM
Wed-Thu closed.
Initially, Red Dot Design Museum was the Headquarters of Traffic Police. But later, it was transformed into a design center along with a contemporary art & design museum. 

Sri Mariamman Temple
The spectacular town of Singapore consists of people from every class and community, and the temples, mosques, pagodas, etc. are the living proof. The most ancient of all temples is Mariamman Temple, located on the South Bridge road. The temple is famous for its magnificent Gopuram (entrance area). Pagoda Street got its name from this temple.

Thian Hock Keng Temple
Thian Hock Keng Temple is one of the most ancient temples located here. Built in 1821, the exceptional temple is made up of tiles sourced from Netherlands and England, dragon-adorned granite columns from China and ironwork sourced from Scotland. The temple was reconstructed in 2000.