Phang Nga Bay

The Phang Nga Bay is part of Thailand and stretches across 400 square kilometer into the Andaman Sea. This bay is part of the island of Phuket and Malay Peninsula mainland situated south of Thailand. Large portion of the island is a protected site called the Ao Phang Nga National Park. The park is maintained under the Phang Nga Province. The region of the Phang Nga Bay has revealed many old cave systems and limestone cliffs.

How to reach Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is 45 minutes by car from Phuket central. It is accessible by from Bangkok and South Thailand cities. There are speedboat services from many places of Thailand.

Attractions at Phang Nga Bay

The Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park is one of the popular attractions in Phang Nga Bay. A protected site holds immense ecological importance in the country of Thailand since 2002. This shallow bay is home to around 42 other islands and 28 mangroves. The place is also known for the many wetlands, sea grass beds, coral reefs, and limestone rocks. These 42 islands of the bay popular for their stunning beauty and calmness as well.

The national park is home to around 88 bird species including the endangered ones. The globally threatened species include Malaysian Plover and Asian Dowitcher. There are also 82 fish species, three species of amphibians, 18 reptiles, and 17 mammal species. The species like Dugong, White-hand Gibbon, Black Finless Porpoise, and the Serow present at this conservation center on the Phang Nga Bay.

Local communities inhabit the place and the rural people thrive on fishing, harvesting, and tourism. Tourism has brought several developments in the life of the residents. The people cater to the tourists in many different ways. There are boating, island tours, guided tours through the bay islands, and visit to the archaeological sites.

People visit the Phang Nga Bay from many other parts of Thailand. The place is accessible from Bangkok, Phuket province, and southern Thailand. There are day and over-night tours to Phang Nga Bay conducted by the travel companies in Thailand. It is a treasure trove for adventure lovers who would love to indulge in beach activities, boating, cruises, and swimming.

James Bond Island
This island is one of the most popular places of visit from Phang Nga Bay. The island is host to the famous landmark Koh Ping-gan featured in the James Bond movie “the man with the golden gun”. Tourists throughout the year visit the landmark site where the movie was shot. There are speedboats facilitating the back and forth services of visitors.

The rocky pinnacles and the limestone caves on this island is a beautiful sight. The tour operators would take you for a gala lunch at Koh Panyee.

Koh Panyee (Sea Gypsy Island)
The Koh Panyee is popular as the Sea Gypsy Island. The village is remarkably built on giant rocks, stilts, and monolith aging at least 1,000 years. The villagers are mostly fishermen while the women indulge in making baskets from bamboo and palm leaves. The tour to Koh Panyee ends after visiting the James Bond Island. There are handicraft shops in the village where you can purchase some of the rural makings.

Cruising at Phang Nga Bay

The cruises are an important draw for tourists on Phang Nga Bay. It is considered a great place to enjoy boating in the round Phang Nga Bay is a great place for boating. Tourists enjoy boating during the afternoons and during sunrise. The boat rides take them around the coral reefs. Wildlife lovers can cruise to the site of the national park where you may sight any of the animals there.