Thailand Travel Guide

A Picture of Buddha Stone statue at Thailand.
A Picture of Buddha Stone statue at Thailand.

Thailand is largely a Buddhist country and ranks among the best in the World. There is a tropical climate and always the temperature remains within comfortable limits. A travel to Thailand can be planned during any time of the year. Thailand has a much enriched culture which comprises of interpolation of Thai, Mon, Khmer, Laotian, Chinese, Persian, Indian and Malay dishes. There is a sense of individuality in Thailand as the country was never colonized.

A visit to Thailand makes for an exciting start with a trip to Bangkok. Visit to places like the Wat Phra Kaeo and Grand Palace are a must while in Bangkok. Thailand Travel Guide also introduces you to the Hua Hin & Cha Am Discovery Tour where you come across some of the rare animals in the Queens Project Animal Sanctuary. Maruka Thai Yawan Palace is one of the exotic palaces in Hua Hin and enthralls the tourists because of its Teakwood structure. Travel Guide to Thailand also makes you familiar with Khao Takiab which is one of the Monasteries for the Thai people.

While going through the Travel Guide in Thailand you should also know that there is good opportunity for kayaking. The Sam Roi Yod National Park is one of the places where you can experience this sport. There are a number of National Parks in Thailand which are also enjoyable for a visit.

Thailand Travel Guide also introduces you to all the modes of transport which take you to Thailand. By air you can reach Thailand by the Thai Airways International which connects 8 destinations in the North, 7 destinations in the North East and 6 destinations in the South. Orient Thai Airline is also one of the airlines operating in Thailand. Railway connects Thailand as well. The State Railway of Thailand is one of the major operators. Travel Guide at Thailand also makes you familiar with a modern highway system which helps in transport by road.