Top Beaches in Asia

Maldives : Villas on piles on water
Maldives : Villas on piles on water

Asia is a continent that chooses to surprise you at every step with its plentiful natural surroundings. Shoreline lovers searching for a pleasurable experience can expect to have a lot more. Top beaches in Asia like those of Maldives, India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka are favorites among holidaymakers. The sun kissed shores of Asia are known for their natural surroundings, excellent weather and thrilling activities.

Top 10 beaches in Asia:

Asian shorelines are sure to spread the magic on you. The pristine shores have the perfect conditions for relaxing, sun-bathing, swimming and participating in various water- sports activities.

Silhanoukville beaches in Cambodia:

Silhanoukville shores in Cambodia are famous for their natural conditions. Sun-bathing is a favorite activity among both residents and tourists visiting these Cambodian beaches. The coastal areas are also famous for fishing, swimming, snorkeling and other water-sports activities.

Beaches of Maldives:

The shore-stretches of Maldives are world-famous for their extravagant beauty. The turquoise blue waters contrasted with the white sands are just what you would want for your perfect beach vacation. The coral reefs and the shallow lagoons of islands add to the beauty of the shores. Swimmers and divers enjoy exploring the spectacular coastlines of Maldives. Apart from the spectacular beaches, sea-food delicacies are yet another reason for attracting tourists. You can take part in excursions and also watch several cultural shows and live performances on the beach.

Palawan beaches:

Lying close to Philippine Archipelago the beaches of Palawan Islands are a delight to be in. The unspoiled beauty of the shores is worth mentioning. You and your loved one can have candlelit dinners on the beaches and even be a part of the eco-tours. Seafood at Palawan’s shore strips is fondly savored. The palm fringed beaches are loved by tourists visiting this holiday destination. 

Andaman and Nicobar Island beaches in India:

The coastlines of Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India are most ideal for beach lovers. Sun-bathing and swimming are a common activity here. The sandy shores of Radhnagar Beach, Ramnagar Beach, and Harminder Bay Beach are loved by tourists visiting it during the season.

Koh Samui beaches in Thailand:

Coconut trees, white powdery sand and crystal clear waters of Koh Samui shores in Thailand are just what you want for a perfect coast vacation. Visiting these, you and your loved ones can also savor mouthwatering delicacies like barbecued chicken, and sea-food of various kinds. Couples love to dine at the beach or just relax by the sea coasts. Chaweng, Bophut and Big Buddha are some of the most attractive beaches of Ko Samui in Thailand.

Cebu beaches in Philippines:

For a different beach experience, Cebu beaches in Philippines are where you and your loved ones should be in. The coastlines are surrounded by limestone plateaus, rugged mountain ranges, rolling hills and narrow coastlines with long stretch of white sands. The beaches give you the perfect conditions to unwind yourselves.

Cheju Island beaches in South Korea:

Cheju Islands are one of the most preferred locations for resident Koreans as well as the Japanese. Newly weds choose these beaches as their honeymoon destination. Volcanic rocks, magnificent sunrise, waterfalls and range of activities attract people from far and wide. Lodging at the beach accommodations are quite cheaper and are preferred by the tourists visiting Cheju Island beaches of South Korea.

Boracay beaches in Philippines:

Philippines boast of yet another attraction for beach lovers, called the Boracay. Boracay is in shape of a dumb-bell and stretches for 7 kilometers. The island is adorned with beautiful villages and an intriguing jungle path. Boracay is known for its world-class beaches. There are several shore accommodations as well, that makes it convenient for tourists to lodge in near the coastlines. 

The top beaches in Asia attract people from far and wide. Most of these shore-lines have excellent accommodations. You can actually stay close to these and watch the magical sunset and sunrise everyday, during your vacation. You can also be a part of some of the cultural fairs and events that are held at particular intervals at these beaches of Asia.