Botswana is the mecca for wildlife lovers. The thrill of driving into game reserves and watching the big cats and rhinos from a close range is peerless. Endowed with the most lucrative diamond sites in the world, this land of Tswana ethnic tribe sustains numerous unblemished natural resources. The pristine wilderness of Chobe National Park […]

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Things to do in Mali

A Picture of Djenne Mud Mosque in Mali

Plan an impressive trip to the Musée National (museum) in Bamako (Mali’s capital and largest city), which houses the ethnic items including carvings, wooden masks, contemporary figurines, and ancient textiles. Do not miss Djenne (an urban town in Mali), which is famous for mud-cloth (bogolan) and madrassas (Kids’ schools to learn the Qur’an), and the […]

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Egypt Tours

Egypt is a North African country that includes the Sinai Peninsula – a land bridge to Asia. Highly revered worldwide for its ancient civilization and some of the world’s finest monuments, Egypt is a land of antiquities that has much to offer for tourists. Flightshotelstours will provide you with all relevant information on Egypt Tours.  […]

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Kenya Tours

A Landscape from Amboseli National Park in Kenya.

A country in Eastern Africa, Kenya is bordered by Ethiopia in the north, Somalia in the northeast, Tanzania in the south, Uganda in the west, and Sudan in the northwest. The Indian Ocean runs along the southeast border of the country. One of the world’s finest tourism destinations, Kenya is marveled for the amazing diversity […]

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South Africa

Cape town, south africa

The adventure capital of the world, South Africa is a country located at the southern tip of Africa. Over the recent years, tourism in South Africa has experienced immense growth, and the rich & diverse culture, the game reserves and the highly celebrated local wines are among the main attractions for tourists on South Africa […]

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Beaches in Mauritius

A Landscape from the Exotic tropical island of Mauritius

Mauritius is a major tourist destination and is abounding with natural beauty; like the deep blue seas and magnificent white-sand beaches. The country is situated towards the southwestern region of the Indian Ocean. Among all the natural charms of the nation, Mauritius beaches are the most significant of all. Tourists find beaches of Mauritius too […]

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Ile aux Cerfs Island

Île Aux Cerfs (Deer Island)

Ile Aux Cerfs Island situated in Mauritius ranks as one of the major attractions of the island nation. The spectacular island, sprawling over an area of around 100 hectares, is famous for its white sandy beaches. This island is also popularly known for featuring a range of outdoor activities for the tourists. Tours of this […]

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Port Louis

In case you are thinking of a vacation in Mauritius, then the first few cities to cross your mind definitely include Port Louis. Located in the Port Louis district, the city is the capital of Mauritius. Port Louis is also the main port and the biggest city in the nation. The place enjoys a beautiful […]

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