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Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is ecologically gracious, and retains the nature in its pristine form. Here, you will find out an eccentric ferment of Indian, Malay, Chinese, and Western cultures. If you really want to enter an adventurous paradise, just fly to Singapore! Nocturnal animals creeping around the space are spotted during the night safaris, carried out in the world’s foremost wildlife park called the Singapore Zoo. Give a grand treat to your eyes with the view of 8,000 birds of over 600 species at the Jurong Bird Park, the biggest bird park in the world.

Lip-smacking food served in Singapore delights the travelers of all tastes and choices. Try out a pew from a seller store, unlock a Tiger beer and dunk yourself in a bountiful variety of Asian pleasures. Furthermore, the country has a wrap of first-class hotels that provide world-class facilities. Singapore is an absolute shoppers’ heaven as the well-stocked shops in the malls house premium-grade products from excellent brands. To give a best selection to the shoppers, it has the very famous Mustafa Centre and Bugis Street.

Enjoy the astounding appeal of nature in the two glorious gardens: Botanical Gardens and Gardens by the Bay. The Jacob Ballas Children’s garden is a just right spot for kids to have fun and gain knowledge of the herby life.

Singapore Tourist Attractions

Singapore Botanical Garden

At the heart of an urban bustling Singapore, lies its green lung- an endless canopy of virgin forests, that remind this tropical country of its past and conserves its future. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a 74-hectare stretch of green carpet that provides shelter and rejuvenation to nature lovers, fitness enthusiasts as well as to those looking for a break from the noise. Stroll along for a walk in the wilderness as you hear the [...]Read More

Sentosa Island, Singapore

When every day is a holiday and Mondays come in more hues than blue, you realize you are in Sentosa Island. Open your eyes to a state of perpetual fun, the state of the sun. Here parties don’t wait till the weekend and the borders are open to all but boredom. Hop onto a roller-coaster ride to the most fantastic island resort of Singapore- Sentosa. Relax on the sprawling 2 km picturesque beach or have [...]Read More

Underwater World Singapore, Sentosa Island

Anyone who has read Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea knows that the ocean is a place of marvel. A world unbeknownst to mankind, the depths of which one cannot ever truly fathom. But what if you could live the mysteries of the deep blue sea, its rich flora and fauna, almost swim along with colorful fish, and get an up close and personal look at their lives? Welcome to Underwater World Singapore that takes [...]Read More

Merlion Park

The Merlion Park located in the city-state of Singapore is a beautiful park installed with the unique Merlion structure. This statue of a creature that is half-mermaid (or fish) and half-lion attracts a number of tourists and has become a landmark of Singapore. With the head of a lion and fish-like body, the fountain-statue appeals to the onlookers. It looks amazing especially in the glowing lights turned on at night. This statue was originally located [...]Read More

Singapore Parliament

The legislature of Singapore consists of a single house and the President of Singapore. The President is the head of the unicameral parliament of Singapore. Presently, the Singapore Parliament is composed of 84 members with the maximum incumbency for each of them being five years. It is customary to conduct elections within three months after the Parliament gets dissolved. The Old Parliament remained operational from 1995 till 1999 as after this the parliament was shifted [...]Read More

Singapore Zoo

Recently awarded with the ‘Best Leisure Attraction Experience Award’ in the 20th Singapore Tourism Awards, Singapore Zoo is undoubtedly one of the prime tourist attractions of Singapore. One of the most beautiful zoos in the world, Singapore Zoo was formerly known as Singapore Zoological Gardens. Spread over an area of 28 hectares, Singapore Zoo is a one-stop platform where you can observe the great wildlife of Singapore. Singapore Zoo is not just about watching different [...]Read More

National Museum of Singapore

The history of the National Museum of Singapore is itself very interesting. The story begins with the opening of the Raffles Library and Museum in the year 1887. In the year 1960, the museum and the library were separated. Eventually in the year 1965, its name was changed from Singapore History Museum to National Museum. The museum came under the management of National Heritage Board from the year 1993. Ten years later, the Rivertales Exhibition [...]Read More

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Dr. Goh Keng Swee, the then Minister for Defence of Singapore, was the first one to conceive the idea of what is now known as the Jurong Bird Park. After a series of efforts and plannings, the Jurong Bird Show was finally inaugurated on 3rd January 1971. Owing to the fact that the Jurong Bird Show houses more than 380 bird species, it is considered as the world’s largest bird park. Have the pleasure of [...]Read More