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Uruguay Tourist Attractions

A large number of sightseeing spots of Uruguay draw a hefty crowd every year. Maximum crowd is seen during the summers. Uruguay abounds with numerous white sandy beaches, old monuments, greenery, etc. The major cities of Uruguay are Montevideo, Punta del Este, Colonia del Sacramento, Punta del Diablo, and Salto Uruguay. Montevideo is the summer resort for the Argentines and also is the capital of Uruguay. It is known for its white sandy beaches. Mano de Punta del Este, Casapueblo, and Isla de Lobos are the most visited places in Punta del Este. Colonia del Sacramento is filled with restaurants, bars, and a happening nightlife. Aguas Dulces is a fishing village in Rocha department known for seafood and Butia palm fruit. Termas de Dayman is a bath complex in northwestern Uruguay. Some not-to-be-missed attractions include Punta Colorada, Centenario Stadium, Laguna del Sauce, Palacio Taranco, Montevideo Metropolitan Cathedral, Uruguay Plaza Independencia, Laguna del Sauce, and Juan Manuel Blanes Museum.

Palacio Salvo, Uruguay

The Palacio Salvo stands imposingly as one of the landmarks of Montevideo. Featuring Italian Gothic style, and a striking conflux of classic with the neo-romanticism, the building of Palacio Salvo appears outre. The palace amassed mixed responses; as being the largest building of that time, it delighted many, but the macabre architecture made some people feel disgusted. Nevertheless, this historical building also enjoyed the status of being one of the postcard destinations. It is able [...]Read More


Casapueblo is a tribute to Carlos “Carlitos” Miguel Páez Rodríguez, the son of the Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró, who luckily survived the crash of the (Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya) FAU Flight 571. It is home to an art gallery, museum, and the Hotel Casapueblo. This nine-storey building resembles the white buildings in Santorini. Constructed in adobe style, the complete house can be equated to a big museum. Presently, the house also has a cafe on [...]Read More

Centenario Stadium (Estadio Centenario)

The Estadio Centenario is home to the Uruguay soccer team. It was inaugurated on July 18, 1930 to host the World Cup. The foundation stone of the stadium was laid in the year 1929. The stadium derived its name from the Centennial Celebration of the Uruguayan constitution. Initially, the stadium had 100,000 seating capacity. The huge Homege Tower, aka Tower of Tributes to Olympic Champions of 1924 and 1928 is reminiscent of the victory of [...]Read More