Tower Bridge in London

Tower bridge at London, United Kingdom (UK)
Tower bridge at London, United Kingdom (UK)

The Tower Bridge located in the heart of London across the River Thames, is one of the finest examples of bascule type Bridge. It’s also the most distinct of London’s bridges. This magnificent bridge which was built way back in 1894 primarily for the fact that the other London bridges across river Thames were increasingly overburdened with burgeoning traffic.

The Tower Bridge in London is an engineering marvel, given the fact that it’s not at all an easy task to construct a bridge across a river whose banks are low.

One has to be careful enough to allow hassle free ship movements without any obstructions and this is the primary reason why The Tower Bridge has been built in the bascule model. The width of river Thames being 880 feet form north to south, the construction of the bridge required 235 cubic feet of Cornish granite and Portland stone, 20,00 tons of cement, 70,000 cubic yards of concrete, 31,000,00 bricks and 14,000 tons of iron and steel which is mammoth by any proportion.

Most people mistake the bridge to be a stone bridge, which is not true. Perhaps because of the exquisite masonry work which is visible. The Tower Bridge in London is indeed a steel bridge but it has been camouflaged with extremely fine masonry work so that the bridge blends perfectly with its surroundings rather than being a distraction.

This historical bridge has an exclusive entertainment enclosure, which is very popular for any special events and cocktail parties. The wonderful setting of the Tower Bridge can be a stunning venue for weddings and anniversary celebrations.

The exclusive Bridge Master’s Dining Room is fully equipped with well-furnished rooms with matching décor and at a time can accommodate 40 people, which is much preferred by Londoners and even visitors as far as celebrations are concerned. Tower Bridge authorities have been hard selling the London Bridge as a wedding venue to discerning guests in an attractive all-inclusive package which apart from the venue, offers furniture, an event manager, 10 bottles of Champagne, three floral arrangements and a staff member at the door for welcoming the guests.

A Full Day visit to Tower Bridge in London Exhibition has its share of surprises. You can bask in the glory of Victorian times and get to know why actually the bridge was built through a smart multi media presentation. You can also access the Walkways and admire the splendid charms of the city from Westminster to the Docklands. A visit to the engine rooms is also on the cards.

There are also two innovative tours on offer – Behind-the-scenes tour and Private evening tour. The Behind-the-scenes tour will take you to some of the forbidden places, which are normally not accessible to the general public. A knowledgeable guide accompanies you and takes you to those enormous bascule Chambers that are situated below the river’s bed. While the Private evening tour is an exclusive sole group tour and all throughout the tour, a guide is at hand. Private Evening tours need to be confirmed 2 weeks in advance.

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