France Tourist Attraction

Paris, France
Paris is a tinsel town but with a touch of elegance that oozes out from its attractions and the people around.

A member state of the European Union, France is officially known as the French republic. One of the developed countries of the world, France proudly possesses the fifth largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP. The people of the nation enjoy a high standard of living. France, as a tourist destination hardly needs any introduction as it is one of the top tourism destinations in the world.

A country with contrasting features and beautiful landscapes along with the beautiful mountain ranges of Alps and Pyrenees has a lot to offer to people of all ages. Above all these, you will get to visit the romantic most city in the world, Paris. The city is also known for its fashion tastes. Moreover, the wide variety of France tours makes France tourism, one of the most popular in the world.

The wide variety of France tours includes lavender fields to sleepy villages, beautiful islands that provide the charm of the Mediterranean. In France, you will also get a chance to enjoy its renowned culinary traditions. You can have baked bread and croissants or a five course dinner in any of the gourmet restaurants and it will surely be a delight to your taste buds. Presence of 365 variety of cheese reflects the wide variety of French foods

France is one of the most developed countries in the world. It is known for manufacture of Airbus 380. Paris, the capital of France is popularly known as the fashion capital of the world. France has temperate climate and cool winters and one can go for galore of fun activities there like Water sports, Canal cruises, Skiing, Fishing, Hiking, Horse riding, Golf, Wine tours and many more. France has emerged as the great tourist destination.

Paris, Toulouse, Nice, Lyon are among many cities of France where one can visit in order to get a taste of the French culture and tradition. The country is studded with a number of palaces, museums, monuments and art galleries, which server as major tourist attractions. Some of the popular tourist attractions of France are the Eiffel Tower, Marc-Chagall National Museum, Cluade Monet Museum, Chateau d’If, Chateau de Chambord and others.