A creative way to discover a destination is to attend some of the unique festivals offering an authentic experience of a place’s culture and traditions. Festivals not only give you a richer sightseeing opportunity but a lot of cultural insights. And yes, you can bring home some one-of-a-kind souvenirs, too.

Going on a well-timed tour that coincides with local festivals is like getting a double treat. Choose from some of the most incredible festival tours on offer across the globe and avail great discounts. Be it a short stay for a weekend gala or a fortnight-long vacation covering a series of festivals, get customized travel packages with awesome inclusions.

From Oktoberfest in Munich to Dubai shopping festival and from Jazz festivals in the US to La Tomatina in Spain, no matter what experience you are chasing, we have the best offers to ensure an all-inclusive trip.

Some of the world’s top 5 festivals you must attend:

  • Cannes International Film Festival (France)
  • Chicago Blues Festival (US)
  • Rio Carnival (Brazil)
  • Chinese New Year (Hong Kong)
  • Newport Folk Festival (US)
  • Newport Folk Festival (US)

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