Bahamas Tours

Atlantis Paradise Island
A resort and water park on an island in the Bahamas, Atlantis is designed to resemble the legendary lost city of Atlantis.

Bahamas is a paradise to the tourists who love virgin beaches and deep blue sea. Popular as a romantic place, Bahamas is one of the best places to visit in Atlantic Ocean. Plenty of tour operators operate Bahamas Tours from all over the world. You can visit the Paradise Island resort or can enjoy the scenic beauty of Rose Island. If you like water sports, you can try your hands in scuba diving and snorkeling. Bahamas is one of the interesting places that will provide no single ideal moment to its tourists. Tourists can get the real feel of this paradise with a comprehensive tour to Bahamas Island.

The major tours to Bahamas are –

  • Flying Cloud Catamaran Cruises
    The Flying Cloud Catamaran Cruises on 57 Catamaran is an adventure-cruise, which is served from the Ferry Dock of Paradise Island. As the name suggests, the catamaran glides amongst the high waves. The experience of this cruise is quite a thrilling and is quite enjoyed by the tourists. There are plenty of tours offered by the Flying Cloud Company like snorkeling to Rose Island, half or full day seafaring, or customized sailing. While sailing, you can enjoy the enthralling views of sunrise and sunset across the harbor. The cruise also arranges a romantic dinner for those opting for the dinner cruise of Nassau Harbor. The Flying Cloud cruises also provide a round-trip transportation to the Ferry Dock of Paradise Island from the hotel. 

  • Island Helicopters
    Enjoy the view of Paradise Island from the top by flying on a Paradise Island Helicopters, which takes off from the Heliport of the island. One of the most thrilling experiences of the Paradise Island is the ride on Paradise Island Helicopters, from where you can take a glimpse of the whole Island and observe the structure of the Island. 
  • Island Expedition – School at Sea
    Located in Nassau of New Providence Island, the Island Expedition – School at Sea is a non-profit education research organization of France and the Bahamas. A team of photographers, marine biologists, and journalists guides the education and research organization of Nassau. The organization has started with an aim to explore practically the habitat of the marine life and to learn the art of survival from them. The organization also aims to know more about the lifestyle and culture of the Bahamas’ natives by interacting with them. 
  • Seaplane Safaris
    The Seaplane Safaris is a fun-packed, activity-based trip. The tour offers you to visit the stunning places of the New Providence Island. The Seaplane Safari tours can be customized according to tourist’s choice. You can choose to visit the island of Exumas, Harbor Island or any island of your wish. There you can feed the iguana lizards at Allen’s Bay or can simply see the Thunderball Grotto. The Thunderball Grotto was the place where the James Bond movie was screened. 
  • Artisans and Artists Tour 
    Artisans and Artists Tour of New Providence Island is a cultural tour that displays world-famous Junkanoo parades. The guests are made to sit in the shacks there. The tour also includes visits to the art galleries along with music and dance theatres of Nassau. A trip to a wooden house built on the specifications and designs of Old Nassau architecture is also included in this tour. 
  • Seaworld Explorer Tour
    The Seaworld Explorer Tour of Moses Plaza in Bay Street gives a thrilling opportunity to get into a real submarine. In this tour, you can take a fair part into the major historical events. The Seaworld Explorer was developed in Australia and was used in the area near the Great Barrier Reef. There is an underwater observatory where you can see the remains of the submarine’s parts. 
  • Powerboat Adventure
    The Powerboat Adventure of Exuma Cays, Nassau in New Providence Island is one of the most thrilling adventure-trip consisting of many activities like stingray feeding and snorkeling. The tour starts from the Allans Cay, where you can feed the dragon lizards. From Allans Cay, you can move towards a reef and can participate in activities like diving. The PADI Dive masters will guide you and provide tips for the beginners. Afterwards, you can enjoy snorkeling at Ship Channels Cay, if you are an experienced snorkel masters. 
  • Tour to Island Fantasy
    The Island Fantasy of New Providence Island is a relax-trip as well as an activity-based trip. Here you will get a golden chance to spend a full day on islands of Bahamas. The tour includes a visit to the Rose Island and unlimited snorkeling in the sea. The package includes a hot buffet lunch too. You can also visit the free pub there, opened 24 hours. 

    Other tours in Bahamas
    There are other tours too, in Bahamas other than the listed ones from above. These are- 
  • Harbor of Fort Fincastle Tour 
    The tour will display various 1793, when pirates invaded the harbor of Fort Fincastle. The Fort is has a 126-foot-tall water tower which is the highest point above the level of sea in Bahamas. 
  • Museums Tour in the Bahamas
    The Museums Tour in the Bahamas will take you to the following museums:
    • The Pompey Museum of Slavery & Emancipation
    • The Roselawn Museum
    • The Bahamas Historical Society Museum
  • Touring historical sites of the Bahamas
    While touring historical sites of the Bahamas, you can enjoy following places:
    • Balcony House
    • Parliament Square
    • Queen’s Staircase
  • Gardens Tour
    The Gardens Tour takes you to the magnificent gardens of Bahamas. The two major gardens in the Bahamas are:
    • The Versailles Gardens
    • The Retreat
  • Tour to Zoos in the Bahamas
    If you are planning a family vacation, a tour to the Bahamas Zoo is must. The Crystal Cay Zoo of Bahamas is the most famous zoo in Bahamas, featuring various species of animals. 
  • Water activities Tour in the Bahamas
    Apart from plenty of places to visit in Bahamas, you can also enjoy various water activities like:
    • scuba diving
    • snorkeling
    • fishing