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Canada's Wonderland
Make you child’s dream come true in a premier amusement park – Canada’s Wonderland

A country that occupies the major part of northern North America, Canada ranks as the second largest country in the world in terms of total area. The country extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Arctic Ocean towards the north. Canada Tours offer a varied range of choices and attractions to tourists visiting the country.

In very few countries worldwide would travelers get as many choices of sightseeing and adventure activities as in Canada. Whether you love skiing, sailing, museum-combing or treating your taste buds to lip smacking cuisine, Canada Tours have it all. In spite of the gigantic size of Canada, the country is sparsely populated. Most of the populace is centred in the urban areas, with the result that if you venture into the remote rural areas, chances are you’ll only have Canada’s scenic splendour giving you company.

While the Western part of Canada is renowned for its strikingly beautiful countryside, Eastern Canada showcases a fine blend of European charm and the bustle of swanky New York. Again, northern Canada offers some of the best options for wildlife viewing. A tour to Canada will unfold to you that there’s much more to the country than mere maple syrup and Mountains.

Canada Tours present tourists with a wide variety of attractions, ranging from big urban cities like Montréal and Toronto in the south, to secluded Inuit (Eskimo) settlements dotting the snow covered shores of Hudson Bay.

You can enjoy excellent watersports and fishing activities at the contrasting Pacific and Atlantic seaboards and the myriad lakes and rivers of the interior parts of Canada. The Rocky Mountains and other ranges offer spectacular scenery and rate as the major tourist attractions in Canada. 

Embark on Canada Tours and put up at some of the best resorts located within the renowned National Parks which are teeming with enchanting wildlife. Those in the north are perfect base to explore the exciting northern wilderness. The rich farming and grain regions of central Canada provide a taste of the west. Head further north, and you’ll reach the new Frontier of Yukon, besides the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. 
Set the adventurer within you free and indulge in various adventure activities like fishing in the numerous lakes and rivers, trekking in the back country, canoeing, horse riding, rafting, skiing, etc.