Salvador da Bahia

Landscape At Dawn in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Landscape At Dawn in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Salvador da Bahia is located on the northeast coast of Brazil. It is the largest city and the capital of the state of Bahia. The place is extremely popular among the tourists for myriad entertainment avenues, vibrant tourism sector, nighttime activities, and historical significance. Street carnivals and festivals draw a significant number of tourists from across the globe every year.

The city is also one of the oldest in Brazil’s history. The city of Salvador is Brazil’s land of excellent cuisine, great music, center of performing arts, and architectural designs. Salvador’s metropolitan area is among the richest places in the nation.

Tourism has played an important role in generating employment avenues and more jobs. The distinct features of Salvador city are the churches, historic monuments, gardens, and entertainment centers. The city boasts of some of the longest coastlines and beaches. There are also important places of attraction. All Saints Bay borders the beaches of the Low City, Atlantic Ocean runs along the high City beach coastlines from Farol da Barra to Flamengo.

Salvador da Bahia attractions

It is a lively city where tourists can indulge in many activities. There are many things to see as well. In Cidade Alta there are two squares Praça da Sé and the Terreiro de Jesus. These two places have hotels, restaurants, and pubs to spend a memorable evening.

Museu Afro-Brasileiro
This is a popular museum in Salvador da Bahia, which is famous for its collections and documents on slave trade and other developmental facts of the city since centuries. The entry fee for admission to the museum is $ 5..

Largo do Pelourinho
A triangular plaza is among the old antics of the town. It is an interesting place to visit and is a shopping paradise.

Mercado Modelo
The city’s main market, located in the lower town is a hub of crafts and ethnic goods. In the adjacent square, you can see men and women performing capoeira, dances, martial arts, and other performing arts for which the region is famous.

Igreja do Nosso Senhor do Bonfim
The church situated in this area is a popular pilgrimage center. All locals and non-locals frequently visit it. Sunday is the best day to make a visit. You will see children outside the church tie a ribbon around the waist and tell you to make a wish. The place is accessible by city bus services even from Kuala Lumpur.

Abaeté Park
The park is situated around the Abaete Lake in Malaysia. The lake and the park are sought after tourist hideouts. It is a nationally protected region in Salvador da Bahia. White sand dunes, places of recreation like bars and restaurants, surround Abaete Lake. A weekend at this place would give you a memorable vacation.

Solar do Unhao
This is the best sunset point in the city. The early morning crowd makes this place worth visiting. Solar do Unhao is an old-styled traditional home located in Baia de Todos os Santos. It also houses a museum known as Museu de Arte Moderna. Varieties of art pieces form the prime collections of the museum. A jazz concert is held on some Saturday evenings.

Things to do in Salvador da Bahia

There are a number of things that a visitor can do in this city which include city tours, visiting places of attractions, parks, gardens, and golf courses. Salvador music festivals and carnivals attract artists, music lovers, and famous bands to the place. The day tours mostly comprises visit to museums, sunrise points, theme parks, and the beaches. Nightlife lovers can make it to the clubs and bars. The Salvador Carnival is one of the largest world festivals. The event takes place on New Year’s Day. Your trip to Salvador da Bahia can be an interesting and memorable one.