Top Beaches in Australia

Hyams Beach, New South Whales
Hyams Beach at Jervis Bay, New South Wales

Popular Beaches in Australia

The diverse beauty of the kangaroo nation extends well beyond its flora and fauna and rests upon its beaches. Australia leaves you with several options to make your vacation an exotic one. Indulge into water sports or pamper yourself with a relaxing sunbath, you would never fall short of activities here. 

Here is a look at some of the top beaches in Australia that are a top draw among international travelers as well as the domestic settlers.

Cottesloe Beach (Perth)

A popular beach in Perth, the Cottesloe, is a great attraction for both the locals and tourist. The beach offers excellent options for people to unwind and relax under the shades of palm. The beachfront is also an excellent place to indulge in outdoor activities like surfing making it a haven for the surfers. If you wish to sunbathe and relax by the shoreline with cool waves splashing on your feet then, head to Perth and stop by the beach side of Cottesloe. The major highlight of the region is the Sunday drinking sessions that holds great appeal among the locals as well as tourists.

Cape Tribulation Beach (Queensland)

Situated in Northern Queensland, the beach above Cairns does not witness maximum crowd. Pristine and calm, the place offers you great relaxation and rejuvenation. Featuring white sands and clear blue waters, the beach here is just perfect to unwind and spend a day of leisure. Witness the nature’s magic, as the jungle meets the sea to create a world of dreams.

Cable Beach (Broome)

Undeniably, one of the best beaches in the world, the Cable beach stretching over an area of 16 miles is truly incredible. The place offers you a fantastic experience of relaxation as well as surfing. Here, you can get soaked in the warm water and spend the entire day relaxing by the shoreline. The surfers lovers can rent a boat right at the beach and enjoy surfing along the long waves that at times reaches a height of nine meters.

Bondi Beach (Sydney)

While on your visit to Sydney, what you cannot give amiss is the Bondi beach. An internationally famous stretch, the place is a must-visit. The beach gets a bit crowded during the peak seasons. Here, you can either catch a glimpse of the surfers or just relax by and sunbathe with the locals for your company. However, be cautious of the rip current during your visit to Bondi. Watch out for the signposts and keep an eye on the lifeguards. 

Surfer’s Paradise (Gold Coast)

One of the best beaches in Australia, the Surfers Paradise holds great appeal among all kinds of travelers. Be it the locals or the international, the adventure lovers or the leisure tourists, the beach offers a fantastic experience to all. As the name suggests, the sea here is just ideal for surfing and is heaven to the adventure freaks. The water here is also warm.

Bells Beach

The Bells Beach is the ideal place for the surfers and is often considered as the capital of the Australian surfers. This region in Australia is just for the surfers and everything in the beach is geared to wards the water sports. From shops selling out or renting surf boats to surf goods manufacturers having their global base in the beach front, everything here is just about sin, sand, and surfing. 

The Kangaroo nation also has other beaches that are also great places of either indulging in adventurous activities or leisure activities. Here is a look at some of the other top beaches in AustraliaWhitehaven BeachByron BayFour Mile BeachHyams BeachPalm BeachLittle CoveWineglass BayGold Coast