Andes Mountain

Andes Mountain
Andes Mountain

The Republic of Venezuela is the 6th largest nation in South America. Venezuela is bordered on the West by Columbia, Guyana on the East, Brazil on the South and on the North, it is bordered by the Caribbean Sea. As such you will find a touch of Caribbean along with South American overtones in the lifestyle of the people residing in this part of South America.

It is popular as it has appealed to tourists and travelers from all over the world, owing to its natural and serene beauty. Venezuela is unique as it boasts of being home to the biggest lake in South America and having the highest waterfall in the world.

It also has stretches of the famous Andes Mountains. Venezuela Attractions – Andes Mountain draws thousands of tourists to this country. In fact, it is one of the reasons why travelers flock to this part of the continent. 

Andes Mountains

Being one of the longest mountain ranges worldwide, the Andes Mountain stretches 7, 400 km and covers regions that include –

  • Bolivia
  • Columbia
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Venezuela
  • Chile

Owing to natural forces like volcanic activity, earthquakes, etc the Andes Mountain has undergone several changes over the years. It can be categorized into the following zones –

  • Northern Andes
  • Southern Andes
  • Central Andes
  • Antartandes

Venezuela attractions – Andes Mountain

If you travel to Venezuela, you will find the Andes Mountain in the central-west part of the country. The states of Trujillo, Merida, and Tachira are surrounded by the Andes in Venezuela. The natural vegetation in this area consists mainly of heliconias, orchids, and bromeliads.

What makes Andes Mountain in Venezuela so attractive?

As you tread to higher altitudes, you will find yourself staring at running rivers of ice, streams and lakes surrounded by alpine meadows and deciduous forests. One of the main reasons why Venezuela attractions – Andes Mountain is a much sought after tourist destination is due to the fact that the place is ideal for the adventure lovers. It is an ideal place for –
Horseback ridingTrekkingHikingHand glidingPara glidingMountain biking etc

The Andes Mountain in Venezuela offers another tourist attraction. The Sierra Nevada National Park which is a man made park is located at the center of the Andes Mountain in Venezuela. The Venezuelan Andes has its highest summits at –

  • El Leon – at a height of 4, 765 m
  • Bolivar Peak – at a height of 5.007 m
  • La Concha – at 4,920 m
  • Bonpland – 4,942 m
  • Humboldt – at a height of 4,920 m
  • El Toro – 4,755 m

Another interesting activity you can engage yourself include taking a ride in the cable car that will take you along the mountain ranges over snow peaked hills.