Fashion Hub

Venezuela is home to several beautiful women as it has won 5 Miss Universe titles and 5 Miss World titles and 4 crowns for Miss International. This itself is self-explanatory and indicates that the country is essentially a fashion hub. One of the Venezuela attractions- fashion hub is something that you can look forward to when you travel to Venezuela.

There is an important implication from the international titles the country has won for beauty pageants. And that is women are beauty conscious and love to groom and deck themselves up. Consequently, the fashion industry in Venezuela has reaped the benefits of the same

The fashion industry in Venezuela Fashion is all about accessories, clothes, the perfume you wear, the watch you sport, and your shoes, etc. Venezuela is basically a tropical country that is situated along the equator. As such the clothes complement the weather. Fashion in Venezuela is very much like the fashion trends followed in other countries. But you will find women wearing cloaks over their jeans. The women belonging to the affluent families wear golden cloaks. Men usually wear formal wear for official gatherings. But baggy pants and trousers are something you will not find too often here. Venezuela – beach wear Since Venezuela has several beaches and a majority of the tourists travel to Venezuela to enjoy the beauty of the beaches, you will find tourists and the locals wearing shorts along with tank tops, T-shirts, etc, swimming costumes are common at the beach too.

The fashion accessories you need to carry along when you bask in the sun on the Venezuelan beaches include sun protection cream, sunglasses, hat, and slippers, etc.

Venezuela attractions – fashion hub and recession

The fashion industry was badly hit during the recession throughout the globe and it didn’t spare Venezuela either. In fact, there were very few takers for designer clothes. As such, there were many fashion designers and fashion houses that had to give away their creation at discounted rates in order to maintain cash flow.

However, things have turned around and the fashion industry in the country is recovering. Since Venezuela boasts of several beauty queens, it is natural that there is bound to impact the fashion industry too. Venezuela has many well-known designers. And some of them are –

  • Jose Maria Almeida
  • Mayela Camacho
  • Durant & Deigo
  • Angel Sanchez etc

Fashion in Venezuela like any other place in the world is all about the following –

  • Clothes/apparel
  • Shoes
  • Handbags/wallets
  • Perfume
  • Belts
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats

The aspects mentioned above are applicable to both men and women.

Explore the fashion market. You may chance upon a designer dress that you have always longed for. And it is quite likely that you may get it at a discounted rate owing to the fact that many fashion houses are selling their stuff at a lower price.