Margarita Island

One of the main Venezuela attractions – Margarita Island is situated in the Northeastern parts of Caracus. This place attracts tourists from all over the globe. There are many quality beaches in close proximity. The place has many churches and castles. Margarita Island is also known as La Isla Margarita. It is a Caribbean Island in Venezuela. As far as beaches are concerned, you will find beaches that are deep, shallow, small, and large, may or may not have waves breaking on the shores.

A bird’s eye view will indicate that Margarita Island appears as a dumbbell that is distorted. And it is divided into 2 halves that are unequal. The island measures 67 km from the eastern to the western part. The island’s western part is known as Macanao Peninsula. This part is scarcely populated. The region is basically arid or dry. Rainfall is scanty and the temperature (average) is approximately 27 degrees Celsius. La Isla Margarita is more than just beaches.
Venezuela attraction – Margarita Island is more than just beaches. There are churches and castles and few of them, you may come across include the following –

  • Church Del Valle
  • Castle of la Asuncion
  • Castle of Pampatar
  • Castle of Juan Griego etc

In addition to the Venezuela attractions – Margarita Island and the adjoining areas, there is one spectacular tourist spot that you should look forward to. It is the Lagoon of La Restinga National Park that covers a considerable portion of the island. The best moment is when you ride through mangroves in a boat. If you do not spend a couple of hours at the National Park, you will probably miss out on the wonders of nature.

Recreational activities at Margarita Island If you are a golf lover, the Isla Margarita Golf Club is the place where you ought to be. Some of the other places you can visit in one of the main Venezuela attractions – Margarita Island include the following –

  • Playa Parguito
  • Playa El Agua
  • Punta de Arena
  • Playa Caribe

Architectural marvels on La Isla Margarita
The island has many forts too. And if you are interested in exploring the architectural splendors, you can visit the following places –

  • Nueva Cadiz Museum
  • Convent San Francisco
  • Parish Church
  • Santa Rosa Castle

Pick up souvenirs from Margarita Island

If you are interested in buying gifts from the island for your friends, there is a wide variety of gift options you can choose from. They include –

  • Wooden carvings
  • Hammocks
  • Ceramic stuff
  • Straw pieces etc

How will you reach one of the best Venezuela attractions – Margarita Island?

You can reach the island on a ferry or board a flight from your home town. The nearest airport is Santiago Marino International Airport which is at a distance of 25 km from Porlamar.