The capital of Switzerland, Bern, is a charming blend of modern and traditional. The latest models in cars whiz past the UNESCO recognized Heritage Site of the city, as the tall church spires and 18th-century mansions jostle for space with spanking new exhibition centers, Grand Prix racetracks and pubs.

Bern is also an eclectic city when it comes to cuisine. You can eat out at any of the myriad restaurants, cafes and eating outlets dotting the city. From Oriental cuisine to Mediterranean delicacies, from Greek food to Spanish cuisine from the land of the Matadors, Bern offers visitors a dazzling array of dining options.

And when it comes to Museums and Theaters, Bern relegates competitors to the background. The Bern Art Gallery, inaugurated in 1918, is a symbol of Bernese cultural accomplishments. The Collection of Classical Antiquities displays fascinating artifacts from the Greek, Roman and Egyptian Empires of the ancient world.

One of the most distinguished citizens of Bern has been Albert Einstein. Visit the Einstein House and the Historical Museum of Bern to know more about the man known as the “Greatest Mind of the 20?th century”.

The Cathedral Clock, dating back to 1191 AD, is one of the most famous Bern landmarks. The Zoological Gardens are popular with children, while the Kornhaus delights lovers of Baroque architecture. The Bear Pit and the Gurten are also popular Bern tourist attractions.