Castles in Switzerland

The castles of Switzerland are known for their delightful images and light fantasies, very different from the grim castles found elsewhere in Europe. The castles in Switzerland are situated either in urban or rural areas, but the architecture does not differ very much. Some castles house hotels and museums, still others are available on rent. Some castles also house low budget hostels to allow budget travelers to experience a royal Switzerland stay.

The Chillon Castle is located on the shore of Lake Geneva, close to Montreux. The surrounding areas add to the charm of your Switzerland castles tour, and are among the most beautiful scenic destinations in Switzerland.

The Aigle Castle, near Montreux, is another one of the old castles of Switzerland. Smaller than the Chillon, the Aigle is nevertheless just as breathtakingly beautiful. The Aigle was built to protect the entry point into the Aigle Valley.

The Schloss Lenzburg is more than a thousand years old, majestic in its hoary glory. The castle has seen several owners, from the Swiss nobles to Austrian warlords. The Lenzburg currently houses a historical museum.

The Trachselwald Castle is situated in the Bern Canton of Switzerland. Built as early as the 10th century, the Trachselwald was first the home of the Ruti Lyssach nobles, and then was captured by the Sumiswald family. The different parts of the castle were built in different periods of time, so the keep is probably the oldest structure of the castle, while the stair tower was built in 1641.

Castle BellinzonaCastle Grunenberg, and Grasburg are some of the other notable castles in Switzerland