Interlaken is a charming little resort village tucked away in the Alps. This Swiss city is a paradise for mountaineers, skiers, and adventure sports lovers. Those who do not wish to be quite so exploratory on their vacation need not despair, Interlaken’s splendid natural beauty, the icy majesty of the Alps, the little red trains chugging through green hillsides- all make Interlaken a nature lover’s paradise. You can spend hours amidst the majestic Eiger and Monch, lost in contemplation; or if you are a poet, penning down some tribute to the beauty of Interlaken!

The Jungfrau is by far the most popular tourist attraction in Interlaken, Switzerland. Once you have reached the summit by cable car, you will enter a winter wonderland that reminds you of Santa Claus’ workshop! The Ice Palace and the Sphinx Observation Hall are also intriguingly beautiful.

The Alpine Garden in Shynige Platte is great a visit for botany enthusiasts. The Shynige Platt also features a permanent Teddy Bear Exhibition that is sure to be a hit with children.

The Harder Kulm is just a few minutes away from Interlaken. From here, you can see the Bernese Oberland and a panorama of the Jungfrau and its surroundings. The Harder Kulm also features a funicular railway and a wildlife sanctuary. Sports enthusiasts can indulge in badminton, volleyball, climbing, diving, canyoning, fishing, bungee jumping, and boating.

Winters in Interlaken are an exciting time, for you can indulge in skiing, hiking, sledding, snowboarding and more. There are 45 cable cars and 213 ski slopes in Jungfrau, making this city a winter sports lover’s heaven.