Lake Cruises in Switzerland

Switzerland’s natural beauty is the country’s most enduring icon. The Alps Mountains of Switzerland are known all over the world for their magnificence and charm. The lakes of Switzerland, in the Alps or in the central plateau region of Switzerland, add to the legendary loveliness of this tiny Alpine country. Lake cruises in Switzerland are a very popular option with tourists who wish to explore the various lakeside cities, hamlets, and castles in Switzerland.

The Lake Morat, with the added incentive of tours to the Morat Fort thrown in, attracts lake cruise enthusiasts in droves. The lakes around the Jura Mountains in the northern part of Switzerland are excellent for a lake cruise in Switzerland. These lake cruises take you across the vineyards of Switzerland, and the picturesque villages of Ligerze and Bienne.

The Lake Constance, the third-largest lake in Europe, is a picture-perfect lake with blue skies stretching over it. The Lake Brienz and Lake Thun offer you another unforgettable Lake cruise in Switzerland. The Lake Hallwil, the setting for a castle, is a nature lover’s dream.

The Lake Geneva, on whose shores the city of Geneva is situated, is perhaps the best known of all the lakes of Switzerland. The Lake features the Jet d ‘Or, a 40 meter high jet of water that spouts from the lake. A lake cruise on Lake Geneva adds to the charm of your Switzerland tour.

The Lake Maggiore is located in Southern Switzerland, tempting you with an irresistible force to indulge in a lake cruise on its shimmering surface. Lake cruises in Switzerland take you across many destinations, sometimes even across countries! The western shore of the Maggiore, for example, lies in Switzerland, while the Eastern end is in Italy. Book with Switzerland Hub to experience the delightful lake cruises in Switzerland.

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