Locarno is situated on the banks of the River Maggia. The river empties into the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Locarno, forming a small delta. Locarno has a pleasant, temperate climate that has ensured that it remains a tourist destination all year round.

The Piazza Grande is the landmark of Locarno. The locals love to come here to promenade and chat with friends, while the tourists can be recognized by the dazed look on their faces when faced with the prospect of choosing a restaurant or shop from the many lining the street. The Piazza leads to many smaller streets where old mansions stand in grand majesty.

If you are in the city in August, then of course the Locarno Film Festival becomes the one event you should not miss. Feted all over the world, the Locarno Festival has set many benchmarks when it comes to judging and selecting the best international films. The Piazza Grande is then a hive of activity, as curious crowds gather to watch world-class films on giant movie screens.

The Castello Visconteo is another one of the tourist attractions of Switzerland. Once owned by the powerful Visconti clan, the Castello houses the Municipal and Archeological Museum.

The highlight of your Locarno tour is the boat cruise on the Lake Maggiore. As you cruise the lake on a boat, you will be able to see the Italian side of the border, and even see an Italian hamlet on the other end of the lake.