Lugano is located on the Italian border with Switzerland. So it is no surprise that the region has traces of Italian influence in its culture. The city of parks, a lake and beautiful hills is a tourist paradise. Switzerland Hub takes you on a tour of Lugano, as you enjoy the many wonderful sights and sounds of the cities of Switzerland.

If you are in the city in the month of June, then don’t miss the Lugano Festival, one of the best music festivals in Switzerland. Here, you will get to enjoy the performances of Western classical music.

The lush parks of Lugano are a sight for sore eyes. The Belvedere
garden on the shore of the Lake Geneva has wonderful walkways that allow you to stroll through the park, admiring the beauty of the flowers and plants. The Ciani Park offers you a splendid view of Lake Ceresio and has some grand old trees, gnarled and knotted with age.

Boating on the Lake Lugano is an experience of a lifetime. The quays, the little cruising boats, and the chatter of the tourists in a dozen different languages, all go towards making your Lugano tour an affair to remember.

Other Lugano tourist attractions include the many mountains around Lugano that offer the city a picture-perfect backdrop. The Monte Saint SalvatoreMount BreMount Lema, and Mt. Tamaro have cable lifts to take tourists to the summit.