Scenic Rail Journey in Switzerland

Rail Journey in Switzerland is not just about transport, it is an experience that involves traveling through breathtaking tunnels, steep inclines, and lush valleys and spectacular mountain passes. A scenic rail journey in Switzerland is one of the most comfortable ways to experience the beauty of this peaceful country.

The scenic rail journey in Switzerland will be an experience of a lifetime. Switzerland’s public transport is renowned for its punctuality and reliability. Even if you wish to tour the remote, far-flung villages, a scenic rail journey in Switzerland is made possible by the good feeder bus services that pick you from the rail station and transfer you to your destination.

Switzerland has special scenic rail journeys for tourists. The Glacier Express takes you through Zermatt, Andermatt, and Chur to St. Moritz. On the way, you will be able to see the icy Alps Mountains of Switzerland, majestic in its icy glory and snow-crowned peaks.

The Bernina Express will take you on a completely different journey altogether – the Mediterranean resort towns of Lugano and Tirano. Heavily influenced by Italian culture, this part of Switzerland is noted for its sun-kissed orchards and vineyards.

The William Tell Express takes you through central and southern Switzerland. Enjoy the warm climes of Locarno and the culture capitals of Bern and Zurich. The William Tell Express has been named after the famous folk hero of Switzerland. The Golden Pass Line connects central Switzerland to Lake Geneva. For those who love lakes, the Golden Pass Line scenic rail journey is something not to be missed. Go to the beautiful destinations of Lucerne, Interlaken and Montreux, cities that stand on the shores of some of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland, through the scenic rail journey in Switzerland.