Shopping in Switzerland

Shopping in Switzerland is a pleasurable experience not just for those looking for designer clothes, but also the hoi polloi who are looking to buy some souvenirs to take back home with them.

The Swiss knife is the eternal favorite when it comes to souvenirs. This multi-utility knife, designed more than a century back, is very popular with boys. Also popular are Swiss watches, and of course, the delicious, delectable Swiss chocolates! For those of you who read “Heidi”, the delectable Swiss cheeses must be familiar. Swiss cheese is made in many different ways, and come in a breathtaking variety. Swiss watches are also world-famous due to their delicate workmanship and the wonderful array of designs to choose from.

Start your shopping in Switzerland tour with the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. This is considered the world’s longest covered shopping mall, and you can get anything from antique furniture to sleek watches, designer accessories and chocolates. If you are in Geneva, the Rue Basses is a trendy shopping arcade, featuring designer boutiques and showrooms. Rue de la Croix de Or is also another great Switzerland shopping destination.

Shopping in Switzerland becomes an eclectic experience when it comes to shopping in Bern. This old city entices shoppers with its quaint shopping districts, where trendy showrooms and humble delicatessens jostle for space. The covered shopping district protects visitors from chill and cold, making this Switzerland shopping experience a very pleasant little diversion.