Zermatt is an Alpine resort town in Switzerland. The Mount Matterhorn towers over this sleepy resort town that becomes active only during the winters when winter sports lovers descend on it in droves. This unique city is probably the only city in the world without cars – horse-drawn vehicles are the only ones allowed!

The town has an Alpine Museum where people can get to learn about the history and geography of Zermatt. The natural history section of the museum has a collection of butterflies from the area.

Zermatt is chiefly known for its ski resorts. For a complete winter experience, you can opt for the skiing, snowboarding, water hiking, ice climbing, and other adventure sports packages.

If you are a mountain lover, then Zermatt is bound to be your Mecca. Zermatt is ringed by mountains, including the Dent Blanche, Dom, Gabelhorn, Weisshorn and Monte Rosa. The tragic history of Zermatt is well documented, and you will find out more in the Alpine Museum, where you will read about the courage of the first mountaineers to climb Zermatt.

Of the seven-member team of pioneers led by Edward Whymper in 1865, only three made it back to the base safely. The rest fell to their deaths while making the descent after successfully reaching the summit.