Zurich, not to be confused with its German namesake, is one of the more staid cities of Switzerland. This cultured, laid back city is home to the famous University of Zurich, and has many other tourist attractions besides. From the Zurich Botanical Gardens to the Lake Zurich, the sightseeing destinations of Zurich attract many international tourists.

The Zurich Great Minster, dating back to the 12th century, has none of the light whimsicality associated with the monuments of Switzerland. The dark, brooding aspect of the monument is probably a testimony of its times, since the period was one of the more turbulent ones in the history of Switzerland.

The Swiss National Museum is another Zurich tourist attraction. Here, you will get to know more about the history and culture of Zurich. The museum is situated just behind the Main Station, making it easily accessible by Metro Train.

When you are near any lake in Switzerland, your experience remains incomplete without a lake cruise in Switzerland. The Lake Zurich, placid and serene, is a paradise for those who love boat cruises. As you cruise from Burkliplatz to Bahnhofstrasse, you will be able to take in some lovely scenery and understand why Switzerland is so popular as a tourist destination.