The Mughal Empire may be well past its prime, but the Taj Mahal remains an enduring symbol of its glorious days. It eclipses several other marvelous monuments that flourished during the era. This one-day tour to Agra is a rare experience as you get to explore lesser-known creations. While the architectural ingenuity of the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Agra Fort and Taj Mahal – leaves you in awe, there are various historical anecdotes linked with popular landmarks such as Itimad-ud-Daulah’s Tomb, Mehtab Bagh, and the rural village of Kachhpura that are sure to leave you asking for more.
Transfer to New Delhi Railway Station
Arrive at Agra
Visit Itimad-ud-Daulah's Tomb
The tomb of Mumtaz Mahal's grandfather Mirza Giyas Beg is an architecture with many firsts. It's not only the first Mughal structure built completely out of marble, but also the first tomb to be constructed on the banks of river Yamuna. The impeccable use of inlay work and finely carved lattice screens will be etched in your mind for long.
Visit Agra Fort
This walled city has seen the decadence of Delhi Sultanate and the rise of Mughal emperors. Originally a brick fort, this World Heritage Site was the home to the first Sultan of Delhi - Sikandar Lodi. Over centuries, it was built and expanded by the Mughal Emperors who lived and governed from here.
Buffet Lunch
Visit the village of Kachhpura
The Kachhpura village is known for historical wells and the Humayun Mosque - one of the first religious buildings of the Mughal Era. Witness the wall paintings (Sanjhi Art), visit the tea terrace to get interesting shots of the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Conclude the tour to the village by visiting the Mehtab Bagh (The Moonlight Garden), which is the best location to view the Taj in the moonlight.
Visit Taj Mahal
This 17th-century white marble mausoleum is one of the most iconic structures in India. Wonder at its minarets, admire the rich inlay work, explore the archways, observe the grandeur of the domes, and get to know some surprising facts about this epitome of love.
Walk around the Local Market
Return to Agra Station and board the train for Delhi
Train Departs
Arrive in Delhi
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  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off service
  • Private English-speaking guide
  • Transport by an a/c car
  • Round-trip train tickets in executive class
  • Monument entrance fees
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • All taxes and handling charges


  • INR 19,000 Per Person
  • INR 24,000 Two Persons
The tour is not available on Friday as the Taj Mahal remains closed for visitors.