Los Angeles Attractions

No other city is as vibrant as Los Angeles in United States. The city is also called ‘The City of Angels’. Los Angeles city is famous for the famous Hollywood film town. But the city is crowded with other tourist attractions too. The top Los Angeles attractions have been able to work as a magnet for tourist across decades. Just quick check this list to know what the best places to visit in LA are.

Autry Museum of Western Heritage
Address: 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles.
Tel: (323) 667-2000
With eight galleries of art and objet d’art, the Autry Museum illustrates the different art forms and genres that flourished in different times since 16th century. The place is one of the top Los Angeles attractions. It is not only visited by critics and intellectuals but gets thousand footfalls of common tourists who take interest in art and culture and its history which is successfully showcased here.

Bob Hope Square
Bob Hope was an eminent comedian who used to entertain the America soldiers in different battlefronts. He brought a fresh new air of laughter and humor to the monotonous life of the soldiers. He was a great humanist as well. To mark his 100 th birthday, the Hollywood ad Vine corner which is quite a familiar term for many of the movie-buffs all around the world was renamed as Bob Hope Square. The place is one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in LA.

California African American Museum
Address: 600 State Drive, Los Angeles
Tel: (213) 744-7432
This LA attraction is sited at Exposition Park. The government-run museum ha s a rare collection of fine arts and history that clearly reflects the African-American cross-culture. Changing exhibits engage many upcoming talents of the city ad beyond.

California Science Center
Address: 700 State Drive
Tel: (323) 724-3623
California Science Center exhibits many practical applications on biology, physics, environment and technology. The Space Gallery of CSC is equipped with a jet plane and NASA capsules.

CBS Television City
Address: 7800 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles.
Tel: (323) 575-2448
CBS Television City is one of the most famous Los Angeles attractions. The place is noted for the legendary singer Elvis Presley who, in 1956, appeared here for the Ed Sullivan Show. Later the place was able to attract eminent musicians to come and perform. CBS Television City takes pride in covering some of the most popular tele-shows in the nation’s history. These include Carol Burnett Show and Sonny and Cher Show. It is a LA landmark sited near the Farmer’s Market.

Celebrity Graves
Los Angeles graveyards pay respect to the late stars of the city who have earned accolades from all over the globe. the Hollywood Hills Forest Lawn Memorial Park are sleeping places of Lucille Ball, Ricky Nelson, Andy Gibb, Gene Autry, Telly Savalas, Bette Davis and many more eminent stars. Forest Lawn at Glendale pays tribute to Theda Bara, Sammy Davis, Clark Gable, Jr. Walt Disney, Gracie Allen, Humphrey Bogart, Red Skelton, George Burns to name a few. Hollywood Forever Memorial Park is the resting place for Jayne Mansfield, Douglas Fairbanks, and Douglas Fairbanks (Jr.), Rudolph Valentino and Cecil B. DeMille. The Hillside Memorial Park has the graves of Lorne Greene, Dinah Shore, Jack Benny, Michael Landon, and Milton Berle among many other eminent personalities of Hollywood fame. The Westwood memorial Park pays respect to Truman Capote, Roy Orbison, Jack Lemmon, Burt Lancaster, Darryl F. Zanuck, Natalie Wood and the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. The locations of these Los Angeles attractions are given below for your better knowing:

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
Address: 135 North Grand Avenue, Los Angeles.
Tel: (213) 972-7211
The 3197 seated pavilion is basically a multi-use theater hall. Thee place is a performing stage for Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Master Chorale and Opera. It is one of the most famous LA attractions mostly visited by music-lovers of the city.

Graumans Chinese Theatre
Address: 6925 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood.
Tel: (323) 461-3331
Graumans Theater is also known as Mann’s Chinese theater. Many famous Hollywood movies are shown here for the fans. The place takes pride in having the footprints of many legends of Hollywood. Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks visited the place in 1927. Since then, the celebrities have never disappointed their fans who hang around the place for seeing their dream-stars. Fred Astaire, Rock Hudson, Humphray Bogart, Natalie Wood and Nicolas Cage are to name a few.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale
Address: 1712 South Glendale Avenue.
Tel: (323) 254-3131

Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills
Address: 6300 Forest Lawn Drive
Tel: (323) 254-7251

Hillside Memorial Park
Address: 6001, Centinela Avenue.
Tel: (310) 641-0707

Hollywood Forever Memorial Park
Address: 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard.
Tel: (323) 469-1181

Westwood Memorial Park
Address: 1218 Glendon Avenue.
Tel: (310) 474-1579

Dodger Stadium
Address: 1000 Elysian Park Avenue, Los Angeles.
Tel: (323) 224-1448
Dodger Stadium is one of the select few Los Angeles attractions famous for exciting baseball matches. The stadium hosts several baseball matches from April through October and ha s a seating arrangement for 56,000 spectators. It also hosts several other events all throughout the year.

Hollywood Entertainment Museum
Address: 7021 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood.
Tel: (323) 465-7900
Hollywood Entertainment Museum is famous for entertainment art that are broadcasted through different mediums. From radios to new-age media, the whole journey of entertainment medium is quite fascinating. The museum celebrates this glorious sojourn and also focuses on other things that attract a lot of visitors. You can see the original sets of ‘Star Trek’ and other blockbuster movies. A six-minute multi-screen video is a never-miss-out for all.

Hollywood Guinness World of Records
Address: 6764 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood.
Tel: (323) 463-6433
Hollywood Guinness World of Records is a collection of amazing facts and figures. This is a record book where almost everyone wishes to enlist his or her name. Visitors can take pleasure in the videos, films and animated exhibitions.

Museum of Contemporary Art
Address: 250 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles.
Tel: (213) 626-6222
Museum of Contemporary Art or MOCA is one of the moist sophisticated Los Angeles attractions crowded yearlong with old and new artists who represent different genres with their artworks. Artworks of international artists are also displayed here. The museum was opened for public in 1940.

Museum of Tolerance
Address: 9786 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles.
Tel: (310) 553-8430
Museum of Tolerance reflects the true heart of the nation that has been hurt in different wars. It negates and condemns all types of racism and discrimination within the society as well. It also reviles the Nazi Holocaust of World War II era. Its one of the most visited Los Angeles attractions.

Farmer’s Market
Address: 6333 West Third Street, Los Angeles.
Tel: (323) 954-4230
Farmer’s Market was opened in 1934. The open-air market of Los Angeles has a wide chain of restaurants and snack bars. You can find fresh vegetables, seafood, flowers and other foodstuffs over here.