Los Angeles Travel Guide

Los Angeles is situated in the state of the California, United States. The city of Los Angeles has a population of around 4 million. The city has the highest population in the California. It is among the multicultural counties of United States that has a diverse population. The place has emerged to be a popular destination for culture, business, trade, media, and entertainment. The famous Hollywood is situated in the eastern part of Los Angeles. It is because of the vibrant film industry that Los Angeles is called the “Entertainment Capital of the World”. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, National Academy of recording Arts, and DIC Entertainment are located in the city. Los Angeles city is a global leader in media, entertainment, and number of films produced every year.

Los Angeles climate

Los Angeles has a Mediterranean climate. The place receives rainfall on an average of 35-38 days in a year. Precipitation is high during the winter months of November. The spring season from April to September receives adequate rainfall. The climate is hot and humid in the months of April, May, and June. The temperature varies in the coastal areas of Los Angeles. The places around the coastal belts often have foggy weather conditions during the daytime. In California, this phenomenon is called the “May Grey”. Snowfall in Los Angeles is a rare occurrence within the city limits.

Los Angeles culture

The culture of Los Angeles is an attractive feature of the state of California. People are often drawn to the place for the creative industries. The city also has a history of art, music, dance, and theater shows. The USC School of Cinematic is the one of the finest schools of art in United States that is located in Los Angeles. It is home to the famous film industry in the world. Hollywood is a hub of noted actors, artists, designers, musicians, and fashion designers. A number of sports events and competitions take place in Los Angeles. Los Angeles was a host to the Summer Olympics of 1932 and 1984 in United States. It is also an important place of tourist attractions in Los Angeles

Los Angeles attractions

The Los Angeles tourism has been consistently contributing to the economy of California. There are few popular places of attractions in Los Angeles includes Hollywood Wax Museum, Disney Walt Concert Hall, Zuma Beach, and Disneyland. The Universal Studios and the Hollywood are prime attraction for movie lovers and children.
The city of Los Angeles has a good transportation system that connects the state well. It helps the tourists have a good trip to Los Angeles city.

Los Angeles economy

The economy of Los Angeles is depended on the growth and development of the manufacturing industries, aviation, tourism, and entertainment. Other significant sectors contributing to the GSP of California are the financial institutions, and aerospace. The city of Los Angeles has the distinction of being the largest manufacturing district of US. The tech firms and the corporate companies also contribute to the overall GDP of the US. These companies are also source of employment. The federal government also employs a large population of Los Angeles followed by the entertainment industry. The Gross Metropolitan Product of San Angeles was around $830 billion in 2008.

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